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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Media Misrepresenting Bill Clintons fiscal record, here is the correction.

While it may be true that Bill Clinton went more center because the republicans had a majority in Congress, it is also true that Bill Clinton LOWERED the annual budget deficit EACH AND EVERY YEAR HE WAS IN OFFICE and was the only president in the past 80 years to do so!

On 2012 election night announcers from various channels keep saying that Bill Clinton attacked the budget deficit during his second term. Nope, not true. Bill Clinton started attacking the budget deficit from his first budget and stayed the course for 8 straight years.

The best Barack Obama may be able to do in the next four years is to not keep running up the debt, but still leave office with a huge debt anyways. Obama did huge damage during the first four years trying to curry favors with those who supported him in 2008, and that move basically averted any chance Obama would have to put a dent in the budget deficit.


As the numbers keep coming in after Romney's concession speech, Ohio creeps closer and closer together,(I based this observation on a Fox news graphic that showed Obama and Romney almost tied, but that may have been an erroneous graph) and apparently Florida was slowly going to Obama, but may now be slightly swinging back in the other direction, so why was Romney forced to concede so soon?

If Barack Obama can be declared the "presumptive nominee" in 2008 (a made up phrase to justify Obama getting the nomination over Hillary Clinton when the race was still too close to call), why is Romney forced to give up when two huge states are still too close to call.

Instead of concession speeches, why not give a presumptive concession speech in which one agrees they have probably lost, but they still reserve the right to be eligible for the presidency based on all the votes being counted.

What concerns me is that once concession speeches are given, I wonder if the remaining uncounted votes are actually still accurately counted.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.

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