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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Main Street in Revolt

Main Street in Revolt by Salena Zito of Real Clear Politics discusses what could give Romney the victory this coming Tuesday, November 6, 2012.

If Obama wins, I will think it will be because Romney was much too piggish on his energy position, mentioning nuclear, shale, fracking, petroleum and coal in the final debate, and purposely leaving out solar and wind energy.

Romney's energy position is so dense that if Romney had been around when petroleum was first being introduced as a possible energy product, Romney would have dismissed it saying that mules, oxen and ponies were a far better value for the money, and that until petroleum could stand on its own two feet profitability wise, there would be no point in investing in petroleum.

This was a huge tactical mistake by Romney no doubt based on Obama's Solyndra 500 million dollar apparent boondoggle. How ironic it will be if Obama's Solyndragate caused Romney to so distance himself from renewable energy he gave Obama just enough of the independent vote to win.

Between Romney's invisible passion for renewable energy, and the apparent ample gathering of Republican military advisors from prior republican administrations, Romney appears to be another George Bush waiting to happen.

On the other hand, when one compares Romney to McCain, and Obama's penchant for running up the deficit while not actually giving many on main street any REAL solutions on their foreclosure and debt situations that was caused by wall street, it seems like a no brainer that Romney should improve dramatically on McCain's electoral college result in 2008, dramatically.

So what could still give the edge to Obama? Possibly that there are more younger voters than older voters, and every year older voters die off while more younger voters get the right to vote.

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