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Monday, November 12, 2012

2012 Republicans need a dose of Seinfeld to go along with their contract with God.

Yes the last two republican conventions being shortened because of God Like bad weather conditions, and Hurricane Sandy just before the 2012 presidential elections, ARE A SIGN FROM GOD that republicans need to just slightly change how they think about things.

Otherwise, the classic religious story about the person stuck on a roof after a flood who three times says no when help comes because the person is waiting for a sign from God, only to hear God say, "I sent you help three times, what are you waiting for", has no meaning.

It's called separation of church and state, FOR A REASON. "The Bible says" should NOT be used as a primary reason to have a political conviction. Most of the ten commandments are backed up by law anyways, so there is no need to use the bible to combine church and state.

If we are to believe that a separation in the middle east between their religious beliefs and their own governments is warranted, then it's also warranted in the U.S.

Rather than relying on the bible, this means republicans have to come up with an intellectual reason as to why such politically charged issues such as Gay Marriage should not be legalized. If they can't find a non religious reason to be for or against something, they shouldn't take a position. 
But it also means that if republicans don't use the bible to dictate their political beliefs, they then can't come up with straw hat arguments simply to preserve what they think the bible says about Gay Marriage or some other controversial social issue.
That is the tricky part, to actually have a conviction without it being solely rooted in religion. 

I can find social references in the "Seinfeld" TV series that are absolutely every bit as valid as references to the bible when it comes to real life issues. "The top of the muffin" Seinfeld episode is the an absolutely perfect analogy of non renewable but easier to harvest Petroleum (the top of the muffin), versus renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and ocean tides being viewed as the bottom of the muffin (less tasty). The Seinfeld conclusion, you just can't minimize or pretend that the bottom of the muffin does not exist.

So going forward, if republicans can separate their personal religious views from their political agenda, they become a more reasonable alternative to the whack a noodle democrat progressives who are suffocating the much more reasonable moderate democrats.

I tried searching for the total precinct victories for each 2012 presidential candidate, but was unable to find it. I think republicans probably won more precincts than democrats did in the 2012 presidential race, so to imply the republicans lost by a huge amount would be a mistake.

There is some type of growing disconnect between more rural counties and those with more dense populations. Republicans must reconnect with the more population dense precincts, and do it without relying on the bible.

Please consider signing the Debt Neutrality Petition by by clicking here.


Bob said...

Good post. The Dems actually landed more votes for the House than the GOPers so one might infer they won more precincts but like you, I couldn't find it either.

Alessandro Machi said...

If I recall correctly, Romney won 70 precincts in Ohio and lost 17, and Ohio had 18 electoral college votes.

So I assume that each Ohio representative represent around five precincts each?

So Romney could have won more precincts but still lost the electoral college vote and the popular vote, while winning the geographical vote (more of the actual land territory of the U.S. preferred Romney).

I'm finding it difficult to find answers to simple questions via google such as... "What was the 2012 vote total for Romney and Obama in California".

Instead I found every other combination, like voting percentage, how many electoral votes Obama got, where each candidate was more popular in the state, but when it comes to cold, hard numbers, not so easy to find.

Even Real Clear Politics is not that clear.

Amarissa said...

Good post, Alessandro!

Alessandro Machi said...

Thank you, Amarissa.

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