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Monday, August 13, 2012

Apparently, no intelligent people were harmed in the making of this running of the bulls video.

Or, should we call this, The Ramming of the Bulls? 

As you watch the video, ask yourself these questions, Why is the rope so long, who controls the rope, and why do they do such a poor job of controlling the rope?

As much as I enjoyed rooting for the bulls, every now and then someone got it that did not deserve it. It makes one wonder, could I ever end up in a situation where I never really wanted to be in but went because friends were going, and suddenly there is this massive bull about to gore me.

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Bob said...

Good grief! It seemed the rope-wrangler was pretty much useless.

Alessandro Machi said...

They might as well have a second bull hold the rope for all the good the rope wrangler did.

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