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Monday, July 9, 2012

Were feminists ever really for Hillary Clinton? Have 2012 Gays become Heterophobes?

I'm beginning to see a huge feminist, gay, progressive coup within the democrat party that will continue to fester and destroy the party I used to think was so cool. 

The alleged well over a hundred blogs that were upset at how Hillary Clinton was cheated out of the 2008 democrat nomination have just laid back and accepted Barack Obama, not for just one term, but for a second one as well, or have gone completely Republican!

Roseanne Arnold is trying to win the Green Party Nomination. If the feminist vote really mattered, what a better way to send a message to the 2012 democrat party than by fully backing Roseanne Arnold well before the democrat convention.

Roseanne Arnold's television sitcom of the late 80's and early 90's was groundbreaking on many levels. Arnold's sitcom really was about a lower middle class family with real family problems. Roseanne's television was so solid she didn't get booted off the air after her national anthem screed that made here one of the most disliked personalities around, for about a week, then all was forgotten.

I think it's pretty clear that while Rosanne Arnold is a true feminist on so many levels, it probably also true that she is not gay, and there in lies the rub.  

If you made a list of every female national talk show host over the past 20 years who was either bi-sexual or a lesbian, the percentage would reach at least 50%. I think the number may be as high as 75%, and that's not counting Oprah!

Normally I would quote the Seinfeld line, "not that there's anything wrong with that", but I have begun to wonder, have gays become heterophobes?

I have to ask because if the feminist movement had any real clout, they could have given the democrat party a real push back this year by so overwhelmingly supporting Roseanne Arnold that Obama's chances against Mitt Romney would have been over well before the democrat convention.
As far as I can tell, NOT ONE gay or lesbian group has come out in favor of Roseanne Arnold for the green party presidential nominee.  Could it be because Rosanne Arnold is not gay?
The possibility of Arnold eroding anywhere from 5% to 10% of Obama's popularity could have resulted in a democrat convention demanding change.

Instead, the gay and lesbian movement seems content with Obama and his apparent support of gay marriage. If you are a gay democrat who was outraged with how Hillary Clinton was treated by her own party and the media in 2008, yet have reconciled that Barack Obama is your guy in 2012, then you just may be a heterophobe who only votes for candidates who support your issues even if that candidate is destroying the middle class in the process.

In 2012, it really does appear that gays rule, and have sanctioned four more years of economic despair and malaise for the middle class, not because Mitt Romney would be better, but because giving a pass to the democrat party AGAIN this year after what they did in 2008 is just appalling, and will result in so much more pain for all americans.

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Bob said...

Well, that is certainly a different take--and a nervy one-- to OAS (Obama Acceptance Syndrome). I'll have to ponder your points a bit. My heart disagrees with you but my head tells me you may just be right.

Alessandro Machi said...

It would have been amazing if Roseanne Arnold had actually run in the democrat primaries and collected delegates.

Roseanne's voice added to the other voices of discontent could have sent Obama to under 50% in many primaries.

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