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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Barack Obama Denial, OBAMA DID BUILD THAT!

President Obama is actually scaring me now. Obama's complete denial that he said anything wrong over his "You didn't build that" meme has become an escalation of deniability over what originally was just poor speech delivery.

Hat tip to Common Cents for posting the "More Context" commercial below.

Obama could have had fun with his "You didn't build that" misfire on the Jay Leno show. Jay makes fun of Obama, shows a video of Elizabeth Warren saying a similar message, only better. Jay continues to tease Obama over stealing someone else's homework but then getting the answers wrong anyway. Obama looks embarrassed, and people like him just a bit more.

Being able to joke about a mistake, and gain approval points, is actually a good move politically. Hillary Clinton appeared on the Jay Leno show after her airport sniper comment in 2008. 

The Sniper comment actually gave Obama that final push towards the finish line as Hillary Clinton's popularity was growing before the comment, dipped for a few days after that comment, and then grew again until the very day she suspended her sentence. Without the sniper snafu, Clintons approval never dips and probably ends up 2 to 5 points higher, high enough to cause a serious case for her nomination.

In this instance, Obama keeps pushing the fantasy that he did not screw up at all, that those wascally wepubwicans are "changing" his words. It's approaching the demonic denial stage with Obama's "I didn't say that" commercial.
Shoulda done Leno, Obama.

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