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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Louis C.K. responsible for one of the most powerful female character arcs on his 2006 HBO show, Lucky Louie.

Louis C.K., has apparently become a magnet for the ultra maniacal militant feminists who got bent out of shape over a comedy bit about Sarah Palin that went wrong. 

The New Agenda, (covertly affiliated with the Huffington Post so you can be sure that they are full of shit at least half of the time) led one of the charges against this teddy bear of a man. 

However, when I search google for some of the Louis C.K. militant feminist attacks, all of the links go to Femisex instead. Their comments section is full of more trashy hatred than I can recall reading anywhere else, congrats girls, on becoming one of the guys!

Amazingly enough, Lesbian Sarah Bernhardt said even more outrageous things about Sarah Palin than Louis C.K., and I don't recall the maniacal militant feminists demanding she quit.

Ultra Maniacal militant feminists somehow managed to have Louis C.K. removed from a White House comedy gig, (Louis C.K. did not want to cause trouble so he did the gentlemanly thing and let the loons have their way) and it's evident they just don't get how woman affirming most of Louis C.K.'s work really is.

Exhibit one, the role of his wife in HBO's Lucky Louie (which aired in 2006) is played by Pamela Adlon. 

Adlon's character on Lucky Louie is so profoundly pro woman/pro wife on so many levels that militant feminists should be laying down on the sidewalk in a rainstorm protecting Louis C.K. from the splash of passing cars, that's how amazing the character arc his wife goes through IN JUST ONE THIRD OF ONE EPISODE  is.

In this 1/3 of one 24 minute episode, "Kim", Louie's wife, is trying to help her younger sister, (played by Emma Stone) mature, Lucky Louie is just along for the ride.
Please note that Louis C.K.'s wife is on the short side, not blonde, and not overtly proportioned, yet most guys watching this episode would probably want a spitfire just like her.

When militant feminists act unnecessarily vicious towards men, such as their ongoing vendetta against Louis C.K., they then try to bring up the man hating accusation card first. It's as if by mentioning the man hating card first it puts a shield of innocence around them and absolves them of being the man haters that many militant feminists probably are, and makes one wonder what other idiosyncratic mental disorders they may be concealing. But there is hope.

If you want to become a RECOVERING militant feminist, I suggest watching Louis C.K. until you can actually start to laugh, not at him because he is a man, but because he is a comic.

Side note, Six years after the clip above aired on HBO, Louis C.K. was recently on the Tonight show at the same time that Emma Stone was on the Letterman show.

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