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Friday, June 22, 2012

Revisiting a 2008 Crap Post from Fire Dog Lake's Jane Hamsher about Hillary Clinton "attacking" Move on Dot Org.

It's really important to understand how demonically narcissistic many in the progressive movement are. The progressives have destroyed the democrat party. A perfect example is the type of crap the progressives pulled in 2008.

Move on Dot Org was founded specifically because of the public lynching that the republican politicians inflicted on Bill Clinton during his second term in office. The purpose of Move on dot org was to protect future democrats against future attacks by whack a noodle republicans who usually can be found doing the very things they are attacking the democrats for doing.

Instead, Move on dot org was a key fulcrum point in turning the 2008 election to away from Hillary Clinton and to Barack Obama! 

There have been allegations that it was Move on Dot Org that helped swing the caucus vote to Obama. We're talking a 2-1 delegate margin of victory Obama got in all the caucus contests even though polls taken just days before in the caucus states usually showed Hillary Clinton either ahead or at worst, tied with Barack Obama.
The audacity of Move On Dot Org owing it's existence to Bill Clinton but using their political might to help defeat Hillary Clinton in 2008 is my TOP OUTRAGE from 2008. 
The idiots at Move on Dot org, to this day, still just don't get their own infidelity, arrogance and narcissism regarding the Clintons. Just a few months ago Move on dot org actually bragged about their role in demanding that Bill Clinton be "censured" back in the late 90's. That was big of them, wasn't it? (snark).

Fire Dog Lake, looks to me like an elitist progressive rag above the moderate liberal base of the democrat party, Firedoglake, may you rot for your role in getting Barack Obama elected over Hillary Clinton in 2008.

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Bob said...

I "fondly" recall the day I fired off an email to MoveOn and told them to jam it. They had just sent me an email endorsing O over Sen. Clinton and undid everything they had accomplished.

Alessandro Machi said...

I have come to the conclusion that Move on is a front for Militant Gay, Miltant Feminists, State Pension recipients, and of course, George Soros.

I don't object to that, except that they hide that reality from the public and instead pretend to represent all democrats on every issue, which they clearly do not, starting with their betrayal of Hillary Clinton.

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