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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obama can only muster 56% primary popular vote in 2012 Oklahoma democratic primary, wow that is low!

Running primarily against himself, Barack Obama was only able to muster 56%, (NOT 57% as EVERYBODY is reporting), of the 2012 Oklahoma democratic primary popular vote.

Dennis Kucinich could have run against Obama for the democratic presidential nomination this time around and probably made a race of it! Kucinich would have made an excellent protest candidate and would have allowed democratic voters the opportunity to voice a protest vote against the foreclosure evil doer Barack Obama.

Please Download the Chase Bank Protest Flyer for FREE, and then all that needs to be done is just give a few copies out, it is really that simple.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There IS a good Democratic primary challenger to Obama -- Darcy Richardson. He's challenging Obama from the Left.

He's compared himself to Eugene McCarthy, who damaged LBJ enough that LBJ dropped out and bigger opponents came into the race.


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