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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Taylor Marsh was the alleged hub for Hillary Clinton supporters in 2008, until when may I ask?

Add Taylor Marsh to the list of women that either want to be against Hillary Clinton, or in Marsh's case, use Hillary Clinton for their own benefit and gain. If you go to the link, notice that Marsh refers to herself as a former beauty queen while using a clayed over version of Hillary Clinton for her book cover, how big of a narcissist can Marsh become?

Nancy Pelosi, Maria Shriver, Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, Donna Brazile, and now we can add Taylor Marsh to the list.  

None of these women will come out and apologize for helping to ruin the middle class by going for Barack Obama in 2008 rather than simply waiting until the democratic voters had decided who they wanted.

These well known women continue to wallow in their own self delusions that they had nothing to do with millions of people losing their homes since 2008 because of Obama's obedience to Wall Street their own support of Obama over Hillary Clinton well before democratic voters had voted in 2008. 

Of course, for every woman who went against Hillary Clinton, there were five geeky media men doing the same thing.

However, Taylor Marsh just shot to the top of the hypocrisy chart with her "book" that features a clayed over Hillary Clinton on the cover. Remember Marsh's PUMA attacks?
Taylor Marsh Attacks PUMAs 1st Article.  Marsh writes..."Don’t the photos above smell a little of say… hypocrisy?"
...and yet, Marsh's image of Hillary Clinton on her own book about Hillary Clinton is the harshest of all. Oh wait, she's not a PUMA, just claiming to be the "hub" for Hillary Clinton supporters in 2008. With a hub like that, who needs hubba bubba?
Taylor Marsh Attacks PUMAs, 2ND article. Marsh writes..."As one of the most ardent HRC supporters, which continues forward, though I now back Obama, all this hand wringing by former HRC supporters now turned anti Obama zealots, people who can't move on with grace, has now succeeded in nothing, except getting them a very bad name..."
Now that Taylor Marsh no longer supports Obama, THREE YEARS LATER, it must be the prudent thing to do. Those who figured out Obama from the get go, well, you were all "zealous idiots", according to Marsh. Interesting how every step of the way, Marsh seems to profit from her position. First switching to Obama in 2008, then switching away to promote her book, about Hillary Clinton.

Taylor Marsh Attacks PUMAs 3rd time, "CNN Exhumes Puma for Tea Party Story. Are you kidding me? (Marsh Attacks, Mars Attacks, get it?)

I'm sure there's more "Marsh Attacks PUMAs stories", I'm just not going to take the time to find them for that piece of work. Notice the pattern, the well known people who pretend to support Hillary Clinton first arrive at Huffington Post's door, then the book deal comes.

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Bob said...

I was a regular at her place & I remember the insidious Obot take over and her consequent consumption of the kool-aid. I then left for my own pasture.

freespirit said...

As best I can recall, she jumped on the Obama band Wagon as soon as Hillary suspended her campaign, or shortly thereafter. She went from a self-described loyal Hillary supporter who recognized Obama's many and serious shortcomings, to a supporter of the Chosen One - in a hot second.

Marsh and others of her ilk apparently, considered the 2008 injustices to be politics as usual - no big deal. We PUMAs saw it for what it was - a hijacking, a conspiracy by the DNC and the media to throw Hillary and women, in general, under the bus, a travesty.

So, Marsh can capitalize on her "loyal support" of Hillary, but she can't deny the truth - as Alessandro's documentation of her own words confirm.

Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

I suspect her ratings are in the toilet. Where they belong. And 2012 ain't lookin' so good for her career.

All that said... I believe in "better late then never."

So ... Welcome back to sanity, Taylor. I'll be watching. With skepticism.

freespirit said...

I agree SYD. People can change. Better late than never. But, skepticism is certainly called for.

Maybe what appears a self-serving move, by someone who certainly seems to be motivated by "what's in it for me?" is sincere. Regardless, Marsh may benefit from aligning herself with Hillary at this time, but she will never have the number of Hillary supporters she had in 2008.

She won't have this Hillary supporter/PUMA - ever.

Cynthia Ruccia said...

I guess I've been in my own bubble about Taylor Marsh. I just figured she was one more person so indoctrinated and brainwashed by party loyalty and propaganda she was unable to see the truth. For those of us who saw the extreme hypocrisy and called the party on it in real time, it was incomprehensible to see someone support O after being such a diehard HRC supporter. It made no sense whatsoever. The Democratic Party as it stands as a result of the 2008 elections was unmasked to be its opposite. I write all the time about who is really helping women gain parity and it most certainly not the Democratic Party. or any party for that matter:


I read Marsh's book and have found some excellent reporting on certain aspects of the 2008 election. However, I completely disagree with her politics, and I especially disagree with her premise that because Hillary and Sarah got the sexist hazing that no one will experience it again. That's simply not true and an exercise in fairy tale thinking.

I guess I'm with SYD----The fact that Marsh left the party is cause for celebration------whatever her motives. Fewer party identified people makes for opportunity for my cause, and a higher profile person doing it can't hurt!!!

Alessandro Machi said...

The problem Cynthia is the media is calling Marsh a former PUMA, when she never was a PUMA and has ridiculed the PUMA movement on several occasions.

Alessandro Machi said...

I have had your blog listed on the upper left hand column for a while now but you're always welcome to leave a link within your comments.

I don't have control over making the link clickable, one has to add the a href language both in front, during and after the link or it won't be clickable.

Ironically I can't even post the sequence because it turns into a link.

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