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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rod Blagojevich verdict, what went unsaid and was swept under the rug.

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Did Rod Blagojevich actually ever receive any of the money he purportedly demanded be given to him in exchange for political favors, state funds and political positions?

I keep reading Rod Blagojevich was caught demanding money in exchange for favors, but I don't recall reading that Blagojevich actually received bribery money, deposited it, and then actually spent it.

So why did the feds not keep their wire taps going until Rod actually got money, deposited it, and then spent it?  Perhaps the feds were afraid they would record Rod talking about things that he shouldn't be talking about, that would then have become part of the public record, so they cut their investigation short for that reason? 

Lets just say for one moment a governor fancied themselves a maverick who was going to lure and then expose those who would buy their way into power. Would they not pretty much do what Rod Blagojevich did?

The maverick governor would make a bunch of demented, outrageous demands, then see who folds and actually agrees to their crazy demands. Once the received money was deposited the maverick governor could then hold a press conference and announce their discoveries, and have the PROOF to back it up via the deposited monies.

I'm not implying that Mr. Blagojevich was trying to be a maverick  governor, or that he was actually trying to expose others who would buy their way into power. But by not having any money actually change hands the feds got what they wanted, and that may actually hurt attempts in the future for Joe Citizen to try and expose fraudulent political behavior. 

Only when money has actually changed hands could a non enforcement person then make a claim of fraud against a politician. 

It seems to me that because of the Blagojevich verdict we the people can never prove political corruption via bribery because we could never "fake bribe" a politician without being arrested before we could finish our own investigation. 

However, our own government can now get bribery and extortion convictions without money even changing hands, and to me, this is a new, unacceptable precedent that ties the hands of Joe Citizen, or even Joe Governor, in their potential quest to find unethical politicians. 

We will all be forced now to go to the government to weed out illegal political behavior, so who outside or inside of the government gets to vet the government? It appears the answer is nobody that is either a private citizen, or who was elected, and I find that alarming.

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Bob said...

Excellent, thought provoking. Thank you for the inspiration to contemplate writing a political novel.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks Bob!

Anonymous said...

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