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Monday, November 14, 2011

Republican Nomination Syndrome about to hit again?

First it was John McCain and his 1% approval rating back in October of 2007, McCain then went on win the 2008 republican nomination. 

Could Newt Gingrich be next?  Newt was assailed by the media, had something like one or two dozen of his "top advisors" quit on him during the summer because he was not preparing himself for the first republican debate, (lol, like it really mattered, there have been around a dozen with more to come), and Newt too was well under 5% in popularity at some point during the summer.

But Newt didn't quit and is now considered one of the top three republican candidates.

The republican party is rife with contradictions at this point. The 44% republican evangelical base condemned Mit Romney for being a mormon, yet according to David Letterman, Romney was the only male republican candidate who has only been married one time, and to one woman.

In my opinion the Republicans should beg Hillary Clinton to run as a Republican, her moderate, well thought out, inclusive style of politics is exactly what this country needs right now.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Alessandro! Nice to see you at Hillaryis44. My hello comment there is in moderation, for some reason.

I and a few others there do support OWS. Keep up the good work!


Alessandro Machi said...

Hey TDO, thanks for the comment!

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