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Thursday, July 28, 2011

No outrage from minority politicians over the beating of a white, homeless man by Fullerton Police.

Caucasians, quit worrying ONLY about police brutality and other races, your own race gets brutalized by the police as well, and it sure seems to me like minorities aren't going to be the first to come to your aid if it happens.

It took OVER 20 DAYS for the Kelly Thomas, Fullerton Police beating story to break. Do you think it would have taken more than 20 minutes for a beating story to break big time if this had been a minority who had been so mercilessly beaten by the Fullerton Police?

If anything productive can come out of this, if an UNARMED person who is being beaten by the police uses his arms to cover his face from the ongoing beating that he is receiving, it does not mean he is still combative, you stupid, fucking, idiot police who kept beating the guy after he tried protecting his face with his own arms and hands.

I'd meet any one of you six in a boxing ring I'm so outraged, and I've never even been in a ring. You can read more at the Daily Mail, a Great Britain based news group.

Ground Zero for this story can be found at www.fullertonsfuture.org, the first story from fullertons future dot org is from July 7th, 2011 and can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Oh, WAIT...when a white guy gets beat up, YOU care??? This goes on ALL THE TIME in the "Hood" so don't even try that crap...if I had gotten beaten up at Dodger Stadium on opening day instead of Brian Stowe, there wouldn't have been NEARLY the coverage that he got BECAUSE he's white. Minorities ARE outraged that this guy got beaten, but put that outrage where WE put it, on the FUCKING COPS.

Bob said...

It is outrageous for sure-- no matter the genetic status of the person involved.

Alessandro Machi said...

Anonymous, you may want to reread the title, which stated "minority POLITICIANS" did nothing.

If you go to more-grim-fpd-news-homeless-man-beaten-senseless You will find close to a DOZEN articles, calls for public protests, and TWO WEEKS of fanning this story before this story caught the attention of the foreign media.

Alessandro Machi said...

One more thing, if you actually read this blog and were aware of its history, you would know that my articles are not just about caucasians.
The two links below pretty much make your "anonymous" accusations baseless.

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Sherrice Iverson was molested while David Cash stood guard outside of a Las Vegas Casino Restroom, Prosecutors refused to press charges.

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