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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tiger Woods appeared to suffer financially and publicly, why does Jamie McCourt get to win no matter how she behaves?

In Case you are not up to date on the divorce between Los Angeles Dodgers owners Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt, here is a review link.

It seems as if the affair between a Los Angeles Dodger's employer (Jamie McCourt) and an employee, (the limo driver) was viewed as irrelevant by the court.

That basically means that Jamie McCourt is free to act as inappropriately as she wishes with no consequences. Lounging around the mansion pool with your lover while Frank McCourt was out of town? Then calling the police because she was in fear that the 60 year old husband was going to manhandle her 40 year old stud lover? Really?

No matter what Frank McCourt did at that moment, the result is Jamie McCourt would either continue to draw a huge salary as a Dodger employee while publicly humiliating her husband, or Jamie McCourt get a huge settlement if her irresponsible actions initiate divorce actions.

I feel that poor behavior by a married adult female that results in their getting a lucrative financial reward keeps other women down. It certainly does not help main street women. A man may be reluctant to marry simply because of how somebody like Jamie McCourt is getting rewarded for her questionable behavior.
Yes, many men may be afraid of commitment, but it may be what they are actually afraid of is a legally binding financial commitment should their marriage go south, especially if they are not even the reason the marriage went south. Once married, it seems as if poor behavior by a woman may spell a financial albatross for the man, and that is unfair to the many women who would never behave in an irresponsible manner the way it appears that Jamie McCourt has.
Tiger Woods lost big time for his behavior, but Jamie McCourt seems headed to a lucrative financial reward no matter how she behaves, and probably another million men have sworn off marriage as a result.


Bob said...

Excellent point.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks Bob. I guess we're two guys mad in the middle. By the way, I've been working in my yard a ton this year.

My hands are in pain from all the roto-tilling and hole digging I have been doing.

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