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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daily PUMA responds to Salon's John Edwards article "How John Edwards nearly ruined everything". Nearly?

"John Edwards and Barack Obama DID ruin everything. Barack Obama has helped engineer the biggest banking homeowner theft in the history of the United States.

Barack Obama has sanctioned that only homeowners who drop to their knees and hand over the keys to their home to the banks be the ONLY ONES remotely eligible for a mortgage rate reduction, a practice known as parallel foreclosure and dual track foreclosure.

Barack Obama may have cheated in the Iowa primaries as well. A look at Obama precinct wins in Iowa shows an overwhelming victory total from precincts directly touching Illinois plus precincts next to those touching Illinois. In other words, Obama supporters from Illinois may have infiltrated the Iowa caucuses.

Barack Obama also accepted millions upon millions of dollars in pre-paid credit card donations that required NO donor identification, so names like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck were used in thousands of instances. ONLY Barack Obama had such lax donation acceptance practices.

Illinois was allowed to move up their democratic primary date from the end of March 2008 to the beginning of February 2008, even as Michigan and Florida democratic voters were disqualified from having their votes mean anything.

For Salon to have the gall to imply that it was Edwards who "almost" ruined the democratic party when Barack Obama's cheating ways continue to trumpet key policy making decisions is, insane.

Both Edwards AND Obama HAVE ruined the democratic party for at least the next decade."
- End Quote.

Furthermore, Salon is implying that bad behavior is ok as long as it was suppressed long enough for the democrats to win. Sorry Salon, but the wrong democratic presidential candidate won in 2008 and we are all paying a price as a result.

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