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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Should PUMA's back any presidential political candidate in 2012?

In a previous article a few months ago I gave my explanation of where PUMA's have gone after the rigged 2008 democratic nomination contest. In this article, I have to ask the question, why are we supporting any presidential political candidate in 2012?

I just don't think it is wise to back any presidential candidate in 2012 because we are presently being polarized to death by the far right and far left cable news channels known as Fox and MSNBC. I have not watched either Fox or MSNBC for more than a total of an hour or two in the past two years.

While I tend to think that Fox isn't as extreme as MSNBC, neither Fox nor MSNBC cover important issues from a centrist viewpoint. Fox analyzes MSNBC's position, and distances themselves from it, and MSNBC does the same towards Fox.

The result is what I call news regression, news entrenchment, news polarization. No matter who you may like in 2012, be it Palin, Trump, Romney or Obama, the fact remains that the news outlets that report the news will continue to ignore centrist america, what I call the moderate liberal.

A moderate liberal is a liberal that actually cares about the budget and does not want a handout in exchange for their vote. Moderate Liberals tend to be middle aged and older and are family oriented. if you are one of the 70 million americans taking care of an elderly family member, or one of 15 million americans taking care of a parent with alzheimers, you are probably a moderate liberal.

liberalism in moderation.

Yet liberalism in moderation is NOT what either Fox or MSNBC are about. The result is a massive under representation of what moderate liberal americans want, or are interested in, by both Fox and MSNBC.

If you choose to support any mainstream presidential candidate in 2012, you give your blessing to what happened in 2008 as being "one of those things", and now its time to "move on". I would suggest before you give into the temptation of moving on and supporting a presidential candidate in 2012, you fight for a third cable news channel that places itself exactly in the middle of Fox and MSNBC, and you say it whenever the issue of politics comes up.

"I'm not supporting any presidential candidate in 2012 until there is a third cable news option that is exactly in the middle of Fox and MSNBC".

If you don't agree, then you may be validating the 2008 democratic presidential race without any chance for "change" going forward in 2012.


denise said...

I mean no disrespect, but if you have not watched Fox or MSNBC for two years how can you judge their content fairly? I,personally think that we have more than enough(40 years)of left leaning media and can use more conservative media to balance the news. The main stream media)NBC< CBS< ABC) can not be trusted to deliver honest nor trustworthy reporting.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Denise. Both this blog Daily PUMA, and my other main blog, Swarm The Banks, list blog links from over a hundred blogs, each.

On a daily basis, many times these 200 blogs reference other news sources as a basis for their observations. I never see Fox referenced for stories about banking fraud that actually blames the banks or mortgage servicers for anything because republican politicians LOVE BANKERS.

One of the more ultra progressive democrat blogs listed on daily puma, _uck Conservatives, is running a headline today called...CEO's fired 2.9 million workers since 2001, and then hired 2.4 million workers overseas.

That's the kind of story that Fox would never run, or they would spin it some other way.

On the other hand, I have voiced an opposing viewpoint on a few of that blog's article because they too, are going to always show the MSNBC viewpoint, which is usually too over the top to be relied on.

The short answer is, by actually checking out the blogs that are listed on both daily puma and swarm the banks, I can pretty much tell which way a blog leans, and after many viewing, I can tell if that blog can go to opposite extremes every now and then.

Sadly, my own personal writing takes aim at both sides and the result is only some of the blogs listed will bother to list daily puma because daily puma is not predictable enough.

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