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Saturday, April 2, 2011

PUMA's who don't care about the home foreclosure crisis are probably Republicans pretending to be PUMAs.

Almost a full year after their Strategic Default hit piece against homeowners, 60 minutes finally decides to do a piece on the dishonesty of the banks.

The home mortgage issue would have been Hillary Clinton's shining achievement if she could have made it past the corruption of the democratic higher ups, Barack Obama, and Wall Street.

So if you know PUMA's who don't think the home mortgage issue is of importance, they are not real PUMAs, since this was a core Hillary Clinton campaign issue. I recently defriended an alleged well known PUMA who had no time to ever view Daily PUMA, and claimed my Swarm the Banks blog was pointless.

The 60 minutes clip above is EXACTLY why Swarm the Banks exists.

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