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My Beautiful and Amazing 91 year old Mother was refused service at her local E.R. for a wheezing chest and died three days later. I am Devastated.

91 year old Fortunata Machi was refused service for a Wheezing Chest by the E.R. even as her Caregiver Son Alessandro Machi begged  th...

Monday, April 25, 2011

If anyone has been personally affected by the horrible storms in North Carolina, Kentucky, and surrounding states, Daily PUMA can share your story.

Having lived both in the Mid West and the West Coast, I've had a chance to compare some of the different types of dangerous weather and environmental tragedies that hit different regions of the country.

Ok, they're all bad, and they're all different. I guess the ones that strike me as the most terrifying are the kind of storms that just recently happened in North Carolina, and then again in Kentucky. Even though earthquakes can potentially be the most dangerous of all, (although floods are no picnics either) there's something about watching something approach your home that is bigger and stronger (such as a hurricane, storm or Tornado) than anything Hollywood has ever concocted that will be on top of you and your home, no ifs and or buts, and then will just move on down the road as if it wasn't personal, that I find possibly the most frightening.

If you want to tell DailyPUMA your story of what you, a relative, or friend of the family went through, please email me at the email address listed at the top of this page and I'll post your story. If you know a blogger who is posting stories and updates, Daily PUMA can create a special section for those blogs as well.


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Pretty serious flooding here in the Ohio River Valley. Our cat sanctuary (aka basement) has been under water twice due to torrential rain and inadequate run off.

I posted about it this morning:


There is also a chip-in for the sanctuary here:



Alessandro Machi said...

Here are your links so they can just be clicked on. Flooding in our Cat Sanctuary


Three Sisters Pet Rescue Chip in, Sanctuary for Mama Cats Bastion.

I hate floods! I've never been in one but I feel that floods are the one preventable act if the rivers and streamways were periodically dredged by the state government.

As an example, if the Mississippi River was periodically dredged, (as it apparently was after World War II), Jobs would be created while flooding mishaps could be drastically reduced.

Of all the natural disasters, I think flooding is the most preventable and one of the areas that politicians never worry about enough until one actually happens.

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