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Saturday, April 30, 2011

George Soros says the right thing about todays political landscape after having done the wrong thing in the past.

Please click here for the most current DailyPUMA article.

I have been stating over and over and over that Fox cable news and MSNBC cable news have polarized the political landscape in this country by reporting stories from a steadfast right, or unflinching left perspective.

I have also stated over and over again that until a third cable news channel starts reporting news from the moderate liberal position, (aka centrist), which perhaps as many as 50% of the population supports as being the closest to their own political beliefs, the U.S. will simply suffocate themselves in a polarizing us versus them war of words.

Along comes George Soros in a News Max article, who basically says the same thing as I have been saying. Here is a quote from George Soros in the News Max article link above that I find just amazing.

Political extremism is “endangering our open society,” he said. “As I see it, the two sides in the current disputes have each got hold of one half of the truth which they proclaim to be the whole truth.” -George Soros

George Soros funded liberal democrat groups that attacked Hillary Clinton while supporting Barack Obama in 2008. George Soros got the guy he wanted in office, yet now he opines that the whores on the left and the whores on the right have all the power and the result is half truths at every step.

Isn't Barack Obama the king of the half truths? Barack Obama has support among Wall Street, yet he also has community based activism support as well, perhaps only a half-truther could accomplish this feat.

So Mr. Soros, put your money where your mouth is and fund a THIRD CABLE NEWS CHANNEL, one that is that neither left, nor right, but one that actually investigates the issues and points out the pro's and cons and perhaps even offers real solutions. And while you're at it, maybe you could apologize to Hillary Clinton for having your minions gang up on her in 2008 and label her polarizing.

Just who is polarizing now, Mr. Soros?


Alessandro Machi said...

To the spammer trying to promote a political candidate. If you really want even a remote chance that your post would remain, YOU MUST HAVE A REAL NAME ATTACHED TO YOUR POST.

SWPAnnA said...

Fox at least includes Democratic Strategists, commenters and news makers, MSNBC does not.

During the Bush era, they were absolutely biased and virtually the Republican mouthpiece. But, in 2008, they were the ONLY news outlet to cover the PUMAs and to address the Obama fraud. Cavuto is a true gentleman and a couple of their financial people are really professional.

O'Reilley has buffed off his rough edge, having, I guess, finally seen himself and how hideous the Limbaugh, Hannity beat got. NBC and the White House bash their Opinion people but their news anchors (Brett Baier) are actually pretty straight. Femmenists crank about women in media, but I see female anchors and commenters on Fox all day and night. Soros would support you in a heartbeat if he thought he could get over on the public by controlling News from the Middle / Center. Would you take his money?

Alessandro Machi said...

MSNBC had Pat Roberts around for a while, and they have George Scarborough as well. However, George Soros is the ultimate conundrum.

His father apparently made money selling off the home assets of thousands of Jews, (maybe more) who were imprisoned and killed in concentration camps.

Rather than be humble about how he got his riches, Soros has apparently chosen to get richer and richer even while believing he wants to make the world a better place.

I think Soros could give money towards a moderate liberal news channel, but would he want too much control, I don't know him personally to answer that.

Sometimes, responsibly giving away some of one's massive wealth away is the best way to ensure one gets to keep the massive wealth they have already attained, that is something that I think some billionaires don't get.

Other billionaires do get it, and have joined with Bill Gates to give away significant portions of their wealth.

All I can say is, "What Soros said", and that I cam to the same conclusion on my own some time ago.

SWPAnnA said...

Maybe his money would be best spent founding a School of Journalism and carefully choosing the faculty, writing the mission statement and recruiting degree candidates who will be dedicated to the principles to which Journalists are expected to adhere...then he can hire them, fund their reporting and endow a Prize for their embodiment of his vision.

Alessandro Machi said...

Soros could do that, and he could do even more.

The daily grind of cable news channels that are on 24 hours a day can have a powerful effect. MSNBC may have poor ratings, but when multiplied by 24 hours a day, every day, they become significant.

Another game changer would be to try and create local commercial sponsors so that whenever the new cable news channel cut to commercials, the commercials would all be regionalized, no national commercial sponsors.

This would actually create a lot of jobs at the third cable news channel to organize all the advertising that is locally based, and it would give local viewers a reason to check out a plethora of local ads from local businesses in their specific area of the country.

I would have loved for REAL discussion and research regarding Wisconsin and their collective bargaining conflict. I don't feel that either MSNBC or Fox did a competent job of actually analyzing the core issue.

MSNBC made it about jobs only, and Fox made it about a budget deficit. There were other issues that needed to be analyzed.

SWPAnnA said...

When Colin Powell's son, Michael, was director of the FCC, they made it very unlikely that local radio would survive except as a "hobby" for somebody like Dick Scaiffe. They gutted what would function as regulations that made media outlets responsive and guided by the community.

Ad buys from national reps is the bread and butter of the local stations... I've sold radio advertising and it is more that the sponsors all but endorse the views of the programming. Again, an unprofessional and not particularlly good business practice, which is the result of a poor sales concept. Soros, however, would likely prevent those who disagree with him from aggressively promoting their views on his station, and his opponents would not want to fund his agenda. It's the reason the Economy sucks. "The idea that He who has the gold makes the rules" is the product of idiot young guys who are all full of themselves for their closing ratios while they have zero skill in building relationships with their clients as family in business.

Alessandro Machi said...

In Los Angeles, stations like KFI-640 AM seem to run all types of commercials even though they are very strict fiscal conservatives when it comes to government spending.

I think somebody like Soros would not be interested in the local content of commercials across the top 100 or 200 markets.

But think of the jobs that would create, having to micro manage all those accounts across the country on a commercial break by commercial break basis, wow.

All the local radio and television commercial production budgeting that would surely exceed the handful of national corporate sponsors as well.

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