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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Breaking News, Barack Obama admits he is not a Natural Born Citizen, hopes media created confusion about being born in Hawaii will conceal real issue.

There is a reason why foreign males who don't move to the United States and then become citizens of the United States, are not supposed to father future presidents of the United States, it's called conflict of interest. It's why political officials of all other countries cannot impregnate a U.S. citizen and then years later have that offspring be eligible to become president or vice president of the United States, unless that political official from another country moves to the United States and then at some point becomes a U.S. Citizen.

Almost 250 years ago the motivation for the Natural Born Citizen rule was most likely to prevent British Army officials from impregnating a female U.S. citizen and then having that child growing up eligible to run for president or vice president of the United States. Our founding fathers feared that the father from a foreign country could hold sway over his offspring and thereby compromise the running of the United States.

Last I remember, almost 250 years ago, MOST, if not all, English Army Officials were caucasian, so it's not racist to apply this same standard to ANY FATHER from ANY OTHER COUNTRY of the world as well.

If however, 250 years ago a British Army official fathered a child with a U.S. citizen, and then that British Army Official moved to the United States and became a United States citizen, this could be considered the after the fact way for a male from another country to father a child with a female U.S. Citizen, and then convert that childs designation from U.S. Citizen to Natural Born citizen.

As far as I know, Natural Born Citizenship guidelines have never been authenticated. In regards to an after the fact Natural Born Citizenship, the question becomes, at what age would a male from another country who had already fathered a child with a U.S. citizen have to A, move to the United States, and B, become a citizen of the United States, to ensure that their offspring could be designated as an after the fact Natural Born citizen?

Most people who discuss natural born citizenship rules believe that the time of birth determines if a newborn is a natural born citizen or not. I disagree, and have coined my own phrase, an after the fact natural born citizen. An after the fact natural born citizen designation REMOVES ALL HINTS OF RACISM since ANY MALE ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET could theoretically move to the United States and become a U.S. citizen, even after the birth of their american child, and thereby allow that child to become a Natural Born Citizen.

I think a foreigner does not have to become a U.S. citizen before, during or immediately after a pregnancy if the mother is a U.S. citizen. However, it would be reasonable to assume that at some point before a child reaches their teens, that dad had moved to the United States, and then sometime thereafter, (preferably before their child became an actual adult), would then become a U.S. Citizen. This is what is so frustrating about Barack Obama's situation regarding his own natural born citizenship problem, as time went on Barack Obama's father was distancing himself from the United States, not embracing it.

So even if the natural born citizen rules were even more lax, like, the father would need to become a United States citizen before his son or daughter could run for president, it would not have mattered in the case of Barack Obama's father because he distanced himself from the U.S. and his son, and then passed away.

If Barack Obama's father had at some point moved to the United States, and then at some point there after become a U.S. citizen, I would consider Barack Obama's father to have been a U.S. citizen, and therefore, Barack Obama would have become an after the fact natural born citizen. But that never happened. If Barack Obama's father had at least moved to the United States, that too could be used as an argument for natural born citizen status for Barack Obama.

The actions of Barack Obama's father are basically in complete opposition to what a foreign born father would need to do to ensure that their own offspring would one day be considered an "after the fact" natural born citizen.

Barack Obama's father not only left the United States, but he became a KENYAN POLITICIAN, the absolutely WORST case scenario, even for an after the fact natural born citizenship. Being a politician from ANY COUNTRY who fathers a child with a U.S. citizen would be the one universal rule for a child being a U.S. citizen, but not a Natural Born citizen. Yet in theory, that would not be a deal breaker as long as the child's father eventually came to the United States, and hopefully at some point became a U.S. Citizen.

Barack Obama's contention that simply because his mother was a U.S. Citizen, even a Natural Born U.S. citizen, automatically grants him Natural Born Citizen status in my opinion is in error. Mom's citizenship bought him time, 18 years worth of time??? Even if the timeline to when Dad would need to move to the United States and become a U.S. citizen so that Barack Obama could become an after the fact natural born citizen, SOME timeline should exist.

Barack Obama's inability to connect with main street, referring to many main streeters as gun loving, bitter people, is most likely directly related to not having a father who LIVED in the United States, nor a father who also showed his love for THIS COUNTRY by becoming a U.S. Citizen.

Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen, but I do not believe he is a natural born citizen. However, the good news is, his daughters are natural born citizens!

In case you are wondering why Barack Obama threw in everything but the kitchen sink today when he made his announcement about his own birth certificate, I believe it was Barack Obama flinching because he knows he does not meet the real criteria for being either a natural born citizen or an after the fact natural born citizen.

One argument that could be made against a foreign father becoming a U.S. citizen before their offspring can be declared natural born is, what difference does it make to the child if their dad was a U.S. citizen but also a deadbeat dad who was never in the child's life?

This is an excellent question. The answer is, mom and dad have at the very least a physical connection, and possibly an emotional one as well. I'd rather dad at the very least live in the United States and be amenable to becoming a U.S. Citizen if for no other reason than to reduce the possibility of trying to influence the son's political philosophy via the mother. However, a father who lives in the United States would be free to discuss one U.S. political philosophy versus another one.

One could then argue, Even if everything you have written is completely valid, the entire issue of natural born citizenship is an arcane idea that is no longer needed". Maybe yes, maybe no. As I cited above, I think Barack Obama does not connect with main street. Barack Obama appears to have more of an allegiance with a foreign father whom he barely knew, and who was a foreigner, than his own mother.

Just as Barack Obama finished writing his first book in late 1994, his mother was diagnosed with cancer. After visiting Indonesia and possibly Bali to finish writing his first book, and then soon after finding out that his mother had just been diagnosed with cancer, did Barack Obama visit his mother in Hawaii and then stay with her during her final year on this planet as she battled her cancer?

It appears that Barack Obama chose the memory of his foreign father over the real life struggle of her own mother. Maybe things would have gone differently and Mr. Obama would have been there for his mom in her final year on the planet had dad had been living in america, even if he wasn't in Barack's or his mother's life.

Barack Obama's own agenda in the early to mid 90's seems to show what can happen when dad doesn't live in the United States, a unknown dads foreign life is prioritized by Barack Obama over the mother who raised him and now needed him as she battled her cancer.

What about Barack Obama being raised by his grandfather, who was as american as they come? Once again, this just proves that Barack Obama is aware he is not a natural born citizen because he has attempted in the past to say his grandfather was his true father who raised him.

But Barack Obama's actions speak louder than his words. Did Barack Obama write a book about his grandfather slash father or his own mother? No, Barack Obama wrote a book about his foreign FATHER.


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To the spammer trying to promote a political candidate. If you really want even a remote chance that your comment would not be deleted, YOU MUST HAVE A REAL NAME ATTACHED TO YOUR COMMENT, and hopefully your profile will have some info about you.

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