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Monday, April 11, 2011

American Thinker, Daily Puma hardly knew ye, aka, you suck.

What a vile vile website American Thinker is. The comments section regarding Hillary Clinton are soooo deranged, off you go from Daily PUMA. On top of that, someone from American Thinker actually checked out dailypuma because I put a link to it within my comment that I left in your comments section, but my comment never ran. So whomever reviewed my comment chose not to run it.

bye bye American Thinker, you worthless pile of crap. And your commenters are among the dumbest in the land. If I ever felt Daily PUMA readers were even half as dumb as yours, I'd shut it down. Not only are the HIllary Clinton commenters vile, stupid and depraved people, it's the PERCENTAGE of the comments that were universally squalid that I found most memorable.

How malignant are these commenters at American Thinker in regards to Hillary Clinton? If Hillary Clinton discovered the cure for cancer, those idiots would probably take less than a minute to accuse her of creating cancer in the first place, that's how deranged they are.

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Anonymous said...

Tried to comment on the American Thinker article, but have been banned - no doubt because of pro-Clinton or anti-right wing remarks made in the past. American Thinker has always been way too conservative for my taste. I'm not surprised that regular readers are rabid anti-Hillary, anti-women's rights, anti-choice, and suffering from terminal cases of CDS.


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