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Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Libya, Barack Obama seems to get criticized no matter what he does or does not do.

At first, I seemed to recall that Barack Obama was criticized for doing nothing in regards to Libya. When Barack Obama finally initiated some type of action, with the incredible innovation of actually having European Nato Allies handed over the running of the military operation, people then criticized Mr. Obama for either not doing enough, or not being clear about what his plan was.

George Bush was pretty clear when he claimed a premature victory and stated, "Bring it on", and several thousand american soldiers would subsequently lose their lives after that marvelous three word slogan was trotted out.

If it is true that peaceful, public, libyan protestors were literally strafed by their own military aircraft and hundreds were murdered as a result, and if it is true that there have actually been a few Libyan pilots who have landed their planes in other countries asking for aslylum, then clearly Gaddafi may have overstepped his role as a dictator and was on the verge of becoming a mass murderer.

If Barack Obama has made a mistake, it was not hunting down and finding corroborating video footage of the massacre of innocent Libyan protestors by Gaddafi. A crime so heinous that it led to some of his own military fleeing his rule and landing their planes in other countries.

By not supporting Barack Obama, you may be helping to empower Gaddafi and his childish tantrums with lethal weapons. Gaddafi may not Libya leave if he believes he has any international support at all.

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