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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is NBC changing from their despicable 2008 political news fraud that they perpetrated on democratic voters? Meet Harriet's Law, um, Harry's Law.

Hmmm, should we go with Harry's Law...

Or should we go with Harriet's Law?

Hey Guys, pretend we have holsters and are about to draw our guns, would you watch then?
Ok, we'll compromise, no guns, but we'll call the show Harry's Law instead of Harriet's Law.

The good news is MSNBC recently parted ways with Keith Olbermann. The additional good news is at the same time, NBC released a new show by David E. Kelley called "Harriet's Law", um, make that "Harry's Law", starring Kathy Bates. Yes, a female in the lead of a legal drama. Ok, it's been done before, but Harriet is more "matronly", and that is what makes Harry's Law a win for humanity.
You mean a matronly female lead actress can carry a show??? Yep. But wait, we'll fool everybody into thinking it's a guy, so that they at least tune in, by calling the show Harry's Law. Then we'll play whack a mole with Harriet in the first few minutes so the guys we fooled into tuning into the show, will like the whack a mole aspect and stick around.
You'll have to see the series premiere to get the meaning of whack a mole.

So the good news is, NBC has approved a show about a matronly lead actress, and the slight down side is they were afraid to call the show Harriet's Law, and instead went with Harry's law. But that is more of a knock on my male idiot brethern who would never even give a show called Harriet's Law a chance, but would tune in to see a show called Harry's Law. (already branded by the "Dirty Harry" Clint Eastwood movies of the past 30 years).

If you watch Oprah, and don't watch Harry's Law, you are a dope. Cut the Oprah watching time down and make time for Harry's Law. The show even has a Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama angle to it. Harriet has to save a young Barack Obama type from being a three time convicted felon, and takes him under her wing for guidance. Ah, if only...

Now if some start up news show other than Fox or MSNBC could see the wisdom in advertising on Harry's Law and catering to the nice people of the world, the people who voted for Hillary Clinton, we could start a real movement, and real change.

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