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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Incredibly bad timing for Judge John Roll who was murdered at the Congress on your Corner, Gabrielle Giffords event.

The final time line may reveal if the Gabrielle Giffords assassination attempt that has taken the lives of several other innocent bystanders was actually meant as a double hit on both Gabrielle Giffords and Federal Judge John Roll.

Is it possible this was a lie in wait double murder attempt and the unknown "person of interest" knew Judge John Roll was coming and only signaled the shooter to go out and shoot when Judge John Roll had arrived at the event?

Otherwise, why did the shooter wait to shoot Giffords? I don't know how these events are run, should we assume that while the event is being set up that Giffords is not even there? Or, is Giffords there for the final hour before she is to speak while the sound crew is finishing setting up their sound reinforcement gear?

If Giffords was there before hand, what did the attacker wait to shoot Giffords? This then brings up the question how long the shooter was lurking around before the attack.

If Gabrielle Giffords had been there for any length of time, and Judge John Roll shows up and a short time later the shooting happens, it makes me wonder if both Giffords and Roll were being targeted.

The Giffords and Roll connection has to do with immigration.

Apparently Judge John Roll approved the right for illegal crossers into Arizona to sue ranch owners who may have had conflicts with the illegal crossers. I wonder if it is possible for the shooter to not have known who Judge Roll was, rather the "person of interest" may have known that Roll was coming.

This would read right out of a CSI episode where someone allegedly collaterally killed was actually a target as well. Of course it's important to know this because it would help establish the level of sophistication related to this attack.

If I were a judge, and I had to rule on a case as controversial as giving the right to sue to illegally crossing people over private property, I would probably have sided with the ranch owners up to a point.

Yet it seems that no matter which way the judge ruled, he might have had either the Mexican drug lords upset with him if he had ruled that illegal crossers could not sue american ranch owners, or internal american groups mad at him if he ruled in favor of suing american ranch owners. Truly a lose lose type of case for a judge to rule upon.

Was it really just a coincidence that Judge Roll had arrived just before the shooting occurred?

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