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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Taylor Marsh, almost as bad as wonkette, a disaster who faked support for Hillary Clinton in 2008 and then turned against her PUMA supporters.

It's important to remember the 2008 Hillary Clinton poser supporters who to this day won't apologize for their stupidity in supporting democratic fraud in high places regarding the 2008 democratic nomination race.

Taylor Marsh can't seem to recognize her own duplicitous demons, so she attacks PUMA's instead. Her premise in attacking PUMAs is they so hate Barack Obama, and have so idolized Hillary Clinton, that PUMA's can't think logically or reasonably anymore.

The problem with Taylor Marsh's position is that it involves "moving on" and forgetting criminal behavior from 2008. I think the past two years have demonstrated that "moving on" only postpones the inevitable backlash that cheaters, liars, and exaggerators, aka Wall Street, bankers, and their minions subject their targets to.

The implication that PUMA's exist because Hillary Clinton "lost" and they can't accept that is ridiculous. PUMA's exist because they saw how the top of the democratic party pulled strings behind the scenes to override the will of democratic voters. Lets not forget that ALL OF THE DEMOCRATIC ELITE MANIPULATION that went on in 2008 only produced a popular vote tie for Barack Obama.

Without the democratic manipulation, the final popular vote would have shown around 52-53% for Hillary Clinton, and 47-48% for Barack Obama.

Once I know that Barack Obama only won because of the disrespect that the higher democratic party elite showed Hillary Clinton and her family, I don't easily forget. For Taylor Marsh to try and spit on PUMA's at this late date just shows her to be a minion in desperate need to keep her day job being a lemming for a still corrupt, unapologetic democratic party.

And by the way, Barack Obama is now responsible for over A MILLION HOMEOWNERS losing their homes because of HAMP (Home Affordable Mortgage Protection) and the parallel foreclosure that actually accelerated the loss of homeowners homes as they tried to enroll and qualify for HAMP.

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