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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Independent candidates like Jake Towne are getting WHACKED by the Republican and Democrat fear mongers.

Independent candidate Jake Towne is being denied access to a debate because he allegedly polled less than 5% of the vote. In an ironic twist to what happened in 2008 to Hillary Clinton; in which democrats over the age of 40 were marginalized in favor of the younger democratic voters, this poll basically excluded almost everyone under the age of 40, where Jake Towne is best known and polls strongest!

Can't we all just not do this crap anymore?

Independent candidates that are only taken seriously if they call themselves either a republican or democrat probably manifests itself somewhere in our country on a daily basis. Jake Towne would probably poll between 8%-18% if all demographics were evenly considered, and he should be allowed into the debate.

Even Ron Paul has run an article about Jake Towne's exclusion from an important debate. If you want to call and politely bug PBS-39 and others involved in this scandal, please click on the Ron Paul Link and politely let them have it. Remind them how it makes a PBS station look bad when we rely on them to be an alternative to the mainstream news stations.

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