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Monday, September 27, 2010

Gosh, Sharon Angle sure says stupid things about Autism and Pregnancy.

I want to see Harry Reid defeated so badly, but Sharon Angle is a blooming idiot. Is there a third choice on the ballot?

Ironically, the autism comment may have been a misspeak on Angle's part. I think what Angle might have been saying is that many different diagnoses might end up being labeled autism. However, autism itself can be an absolute torture for some parents to deal with in certain situations and Angle is on dangerous ground if she thinks the parents of truly autistic kids should be excluded.

But then Angle talks about maternity leave and somehow states that because she can no longer get pregnant why should she have to pay for others who might get pregnant. I mean, this is kind of stupid, and narcissistic, isn't it? If Angle doesn't have cancer, why should she pay for cancer protection? Oh, but she might still get cancer whereas she can never get pregnant because of age, is that Angle's argument?

When Angle was younger and COULD HAVE GOTTEN PREGNANT, she would have paid LESS for maternity leave coverage because everybody chipped in. Now that Angle can no longer get pregnant, she no longer wants to participate. This is called narcissism and egoism. If Angle wasn't against others helping to pay for maternity leave when she could get pregnant, but is against paying for it now that she can't get pregnant, she's just being an opportunist.

Until men start complaining about maternity leave, (and I pity the first male politician who does), I find it ridiculous for a woman to complain about maternity leave because they can no longer get pregnant.

The concept of insurance is that it is a pool of money that is supposed to help those who need it. What Angle is proposing is very dangerous because it creates "insurance a la carte".

But perhaps what is MOST ANNOYING about Angle's speech is how she quickly goes through these very complex issues. Even if Angle somehow actually can draw upon complex data and other examples that show why her position is valid, she shouldn't be treating these very important with such brevity.

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