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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Will Bower and Fox N Friends Expose Democratic Change Commission as no change in sight in regards to Democratic Caucus Cheating and Fraud.

The documentary "We Will not be Silenced" has led to Fox n Friends reviewing the 2008 democratic caucus contest results. It will take someone who is not a bought out democrat to review and help "change" democratic caucus contests or the thousands of reported complaints that occurred in the 2008 democratic caucuses will most likely happen again in 2012 (although this time people may be more vigilant).

Will Bower nailed what is wrong with the democratic party when he used the word Fraudulence, the new word for flatulence. The same old democratic party guards, Claire McKaskell and James Clyborn want minimal changes, the caucus system works just fine they say. Fat cat democrats who benefited as a direct result of caucus cheating certainly don't appear to want "change".

If you want the real truth, check out Caucus Cheating and Fair-Reflection for some eye opening articles that lay out 2008 democratic caucus fraud and how Barack Obama won because of it. If you want to view a preview version of We Will Not Be Silenced, or support the finishing of that documentary, click here.

Let us not forget that Illinois moved its 2008 democratic primary voting date up from the end of March, 2008, to the beginning of February, 2008. The result was the overwhelming delegate victory that Barack Obama received in Illinois, along with the freezing of the Michigan votes, REVERSED who was actually leading in early February just before close to a dozen caucus contests started voting.

In my opinion this gave additional cause for caucus cheating as Barack Obama supporters could justify cheating in the caucus contests because Barack Obama was already leading anyways.

Caucuses are.... "One of the most corrupt systems and most damaging to our system of government". -Will Bower


Anonymous said...

The Democratic National Committee Services Corporation, disguised as the DNC, installed Barack Obama into the Office of President of the United States of America by committing massive election fraud that played out uniquely during each of these 3 (three) phases of the 2008 Presidential election cycle in relation to the company’s August 2008 Presidential Nominating Convention: 1) pre-Convention; 2) Convention; and 3) post-Convention. The fraud committed both before and after the Convention has been dissected in several articles previously posted here on the “jbjd” blog.
This three-part series entitled, “A Coup, Through and Through” analyzes the fraud pulled off at the Convention

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