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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whatever Happened to Dawn Smith and her Battle Against Cigna over her Brain Cancer Treatment?

"Edit UPDATE-Aug.22 2010" - This morning, I tried the exact same combination of words "Dawn Smith" Cigna, and this time I got a ton of links. Very strange indeed. However, I am surprised that Dawn's blog has not been updated since Oct. 23, of 2009, we're talking 10 months ago.

"Edit UPDATE-Aug. 26 2010" - I think I found the discrepancy, when I used google search, I used two different categories. One was the "news" category, and the other was the "web" category. Evidently the news category had zero stories listed.

I did a google search for Dawn Smith, I put quotes around "Dawn Smith" and then I used the word Cigna, and nothing comes up. This is really odd because 10 months ago Dawn Smith was used by Move On dot org as a rallying cry to change health care.

I listed Dawn's blog on DailyPUMA. I left supportive comments on Dawn's blog. The Blog is still there, but with no updates since Oct. 23, 2009. I don't understand Move On dot org. They backed Dawn's story, I think they helped her plan a trip to Cigna headquarters and the media covered the story and it was a compelling story. But since then, not only has there been no news coverage, I can't find ANYTHING about Dawn Smith and Cigna when I just try googling for information.


Frank said...

Why in the world you want to go to moveon in the 1st place?? It's a hoax from the ground up, from the core, outwards. The whole point of that retarded site is to promote liberalism - which is a disease, if you're an adult and still stricken with it.

Alessandro Machi said...

I never thought of Move on as being a bad organization until they turned against Hillary Clinton even though Move on was started because of what happened to Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

I was a member until their "election" (which was probably about as fair as 2008 primary) to determine whether MoveOn would support Hillary or Barack. As we know, they claimed that Barack was the winner. We know, of course, that Dean and the other progs determined that Barack would be the Democratic nominee in 2004. I'm sure MoveOn was on board with them.

I left the group in 2008, never to give them another dime.


Angela said...

Her blog is now gone, and archive.org has no record of it ever existing. I am wondering if she ever even really existed?

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