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Friday, July 23, 2010

PoliticusUSA, the new Progressive hunting ground takes a huge shot at Sarah Palin.

Click on Image to Enlarge.

Sarah Palin was vilified in an all too familar way in PoliticusUSA's review of Palin's CSU Stanislaus speech. The nastiness reminded me of the way that Hillary Clinton was vilified in 2008 by a large group of supposedly democrat friendly media outlets.

I am interested in hearing different perspectives in the comments section, better still after you have listened to the Sarah Palin Speech. State whether you are neutral, positive or negative Palin, then review the reviewer of the Sarah Palin speech in the comments section of PoliticusUSA and Daily PUMa know if you think they were right on or simply another OBOT outlet.

Or, is this just the way Obots work, adding word tags to their articles that demean Palin knowing that when people search for critical reviews of Sarah Palin, articles like this one will be on page one of google. I am reluctant to listen to the speech because I have many many things going on right now so your opinion matters to me, along with what your view of Palin is at the time of your review.


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

The speech was about what them that paid for it wanted to hear. So what?

The behavior of the "reporters" is despicable.

As a Progressive, I am so ashamed of my *former* party for the kind of behavior that it is encouraging (and recruiting.)


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

OK. Linking you today:


Alessandro Machi said...

I feel that politicUSA may be the launching pad for the obots to form en masse to annihilate anybody not named Barack Obama.

Just in case other progressive sources such as DailyKos or Huffington Post were to fade, politicUSA will be there to keep the obot torch flaming strong and proud.

Alessandro Machi said...

It also seems to me that politicUSA is designed to recruit college journalism students and bloggers and teach them how to be a biased journalist.

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