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Friday, July 30, 2010

Media ignores racist audience reaction to Sherrod's White Farmer story.

In 2010, Shirley Sherrod is portrayed as a victim while once again, the racist reaction of the NAACP audience to her white farmer's story goes unnoticed in comparision. Just because the Sherrod White Farmer story had a "happy ending" does not dismiss the gutless, racist reaction of the NACCP members in attendance who CHEERED and APPLAUDED when Shirley Sherrod, a PAID EMPLOYEE of the government, first stated she felt the desire to deny a claim by two white farmers simply because they were white.

In 2010, if you were an african american congress person walking by a tea party protest near the capitol steps in Washington D.C., allegations of somebody in the crowd making a racist taunt made the news for days.

I am sick and tired of the media double standard of racism in this country.


Anonymous said...

This post is so ignorant of the facts that it's unbelievable.

The NAACP audience certainly did not cheer and applaud, as a vast number of media and blog sources have proven. It was Breitbart's invention, but it's no surprise to see you parrrot it here because you're a closet Republican.

Next you'll be claiming no racial epithets were cast on the capitol steps because that's what Breitbart says. Hint: The footage he relies on for that claim was recorded at a different time to the incident.

And no, you can't have my name, before you start on that whiny schtick again. You've been seen hanging round with potentially violent RW stalkers, and Mountainsage already schooled you on that issue.

Alessandro Machi said...

To the entity above. You've made a ridiculous assertion about "whom I hang out with", and Mountain Sage didn't "school me", she did however stop posting my civil responses to her comments.

Sage appears to be a former PUMA fraud who now goes around calling others who are true Pumas "republicans" and even posts a link to "Stupid Pumas" on her blog. (which is no longer on DailyPUMA).

And of course, since I am using a real name, and you are not, your baseless, idiotic accusations will be deleted since your real goal is to impugn my reputation while remaining anonymous. Something Obots have done before.

By the way, I heard the audience cheer at the beginning of Sherrod's story about the white farmer at the moment she stated she did not want to help them.

If you are claiming that has been faked, I would doubt that based on the one time I heard it. I would be willing to listen to it again but it seemed authentic to me. If BreitBart truly changed the audience reaction at the point in times, than he should go to jail for a long time.

I recall the media complaining that BreitBart switched around the video segments, but that would be irrelevant when it comes to the audience reaction unless people are claiming the audio was switched indepedently of the video.

By the way, I removed BreitBart from the right two columns because they were not printing my Hillary Clinton responses to a few of their articles.

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