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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LeBron James dons his best Tiger Woods impression, and Corporate Giants like Nike and ESPN continue to enable him.

To a large degree it would be nobodies business what LeBron James does in his social life, if LeBron james had not already claimed he wanted to be a billionaire businessman. I think the businessman aspect of LeBron James is what has riled up Cleveland so much.

LeBron James painted an aire of wanting to bring a championship to his hometown of Cleveland, a town that has gone over 50 years without any national championship (I think the Cleveland Crushers won one one year, I forget what sport that was). LeBron James also fancied himself a "business man" who was in contact with Warren Buffet. But these have both turned out to be lies.

Apparently what LeBron James really wants is to be the next Tiger Woods, with one big difference, LeBron James won't marry the girlfriend and mother of his kids, therefore he has "Tiger Proofed" himself against outraged women who would come down hard on him for having it both ways....um really?

Is that really the plan?

Sure looks like it, and once again the corporate world is enabling a guy who did not practice good business sense this past offseason by not honoring his word of bringing a championship to Cleveland. It actually looks like Lebron James and his two friends, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, planned on getting together as teammates a few years ago, a form of secret collusion that actually harms the future of the teams they played for since they were not "in on it".

Boys will be boys, but do we want to continue to support the corporations that continue to coddle these manboys every step of the way? The Tiger Woods story happened less than a year ago, and now we have the next Tiger Woods on our hands, already.

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