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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How TV Land could affect the 2012 presidential campaign.

It became pretty obvious to Hillary Clinton supporters during the 2008 democratic nomination process that Hillary Clinton was the only major presidential candidate without a television channel.

We know that MSNBC conspired against Hillary Clinton and for Barack Obama. Fox Television was for the republican candidate while the major networks tried to give the appearance of unbiased reporting. However those same "unbiased" major networks tethered their own female talk show hosts into remaining silent about Hillary Clinton in most instances, and then there was Oprah Winfrey, gasp.

The male television talk show hosts all took more shots at Hillary Clinton than her male political counterparts. Jon Stewart will never admit that he took ratings over truth as it endeared him to his younger skewing audience, and as a result he took it to Hillary Clinton far more than Barack Obama.

Even with all the caucus cheating by Barack Obama's side, with the shady dealings of the democratic higher ups cozying up to George Soros and their back room back stabbing deals against Hillary Clinton, the reason Hillary Clinton could not get that final push to victory was because she had no real television base.

Even most female talk show hosts were afraid to show real support for Hillary Clinton because their audience also skewed younger and most of the female hosts were on channels that supported either Barack Obama or the republican candidate. Which brings me to TV Land. I would love to see a 1/2 hour cutting edge evening news / talk show, sort of like a John Stewart show, that skews towards the older demographic, say 40 years and up.
Hillary Clinton supporters are among the nicest and most caring group of voters and Clinton supporters also don't believe in uncontrolled governmental spending either, yet they have no television base.
If you could poll all the rioters after the Lakers 2010 championship victory, (rioting after a championship victory - unreal) I am absolutely certain that 98% either didn't vote, or voted for Barack Obama in 2008. Without any kind of a nightly television base, the best part of america, Hillary Clinton voters, the kind of voters that don't riot after their team wins a championship, will continue to be under represented in the political arena.

I have had a chance to study TV Land and am amazed at how strongly they promote their own original programming. TV Land also skews towards the ideal audience that presently is NOT being represented politically on television, the Hillary Clinton supporters. If TV Land would have the guts to launch a nightly 1/2 hour political talk show for the older crowd, we could begin to see some true balance in how every political demographic is being represented on television.

Until Hillary Clinton supporters get their own 1/2 hour nightly political news and talk show on television, we will continue to be ignored by the demonic party and disrespected by the repuritanical party.


Anonymous said...

Wondering why Abby's Blog is on the "primarily PUMA" list. Is Sunderland a PUMA?

Alessandro Machi said...

I have no idea if Abbey is a PUMA. I have listed three blogs of women who were trying to either circumnavigate the globe by themselves, or row across the Pacific Ocean solo.

The idea being to promote women who are attempting physical feats on par with men as a way to help obliterate the condescending viewpoint put out by some of the talk show hosts and the news media when they compare male and female sporting endeavors.

Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

"Demonic party." Love it!

"Repuritanical party." Hilarious!!

I think the problem with skewing a TV show toward the mid to older crowd is... simply... we tend to be busy. We work. Have grown (or almost) kids. Aging parents.

Personally, I don't sit down to watch TV. Few of my peers do, either.

Anonymous said...

"Ok" here is the problem I have. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, won the 2008 primary, she had more votes than the other candidate & more delegates until they gave him all the undecided of Michigan & some of hers, and in Florida He was given 45 more delegates, which ended up giving 17.5 more delegates than she ( Democrats official score card before the convention ) so never say he won he did not, he was selected not elected, and as for the general, until we get rid of the voting system we have, electronic no paper bullshit, then we will have selected general elections too, we have seen how easy it was for them to cheat the American voter on the campaign trail, nobody wins a state by 17% when all the exit polls say your challenger is wining by a 2 point spread, electronic voting at it's finest, as for the general he did not win Indiana, Nevada, Florida, sorry cannot believe it, did not happen...
Ms. Matthews
Democracy is in Suffrage...

Anonymous said...

I so agree with Ms. Matthews comments. Obama lost, but the DNP had plans to award him the nom no matter what.

I also agree about the impact of TV land Alessandro. You're absolutely right about Jon Stewart as well as the news stations. Not just the male reporters for CNN and other stations did PR for Obama. Campbell Brown practically twitched with delight when she talked about Obama on her nightly news program. Andrea Mitchell did, as well. And Joy Behar from the View got her own "news" (please!!) show on CNN, presumably, because she was such an excellent Obama-fan.

I would love to see programming directed toward the demographic you described.


Alessandro Machi said...

Lots of good comments. The one detracting point is valid, but there is a rebuttal! While it is true that many Hillary Clinton supporters actually, or take care of their parents, or have volunteered to help their community, or help their local animal shelter and therefore would not have time to watch a TV Land political show directed towards them, TV Land does reruns!

Lots and lots of reruns.

And if you are curious about the TV Land demographic skewing towards Hillary Clinton supporters, check out "Hot in Cleveland". Hot in Cleveland is their new, original programming starring Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick, Betty White and Jane Leeves.

The show skews to the over 40 crowd and the people are nice on the show.

And it's nice to be reminded that Hillary Clinton actually had the winning votes in 2008. I can't agree more.

Anonymous said...

OT: Broken links to Alegre's Corner. They go to "yourURLhere."


Alessandro Machi said...

Thanks for the heads up. I had to remove P.U.M.A. 08 because it appears to have a malware virus on it and I remembered there was one other site that was wonky but I could not recall the name.


The weird thing is I think Allegre's corner is still actually up and running but the link doesn't work. Do I have the wrong URL?

Anonymous said...



Alessandro Machi said...

gmanedit, I cut and pasted the exact URL that you provided. I still can't get to allegre's page when I click from the DailyPUMA alegrescorner blog link.

If I cut and past the URL into my own browser, I can reach the page, but when I add the URL to DailyPUMA, I end up at that weird site.

I doubt it is only DailyPUMA and its readers that cannot access Alegrescorner site.

Tifom said...

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