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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How will Arizona know where to deport people?

I'm not really for or against the Arizona immigration bill. I am most definitely offended by California and Los Angeles politicians getting involved in an arizona boycott when California failed to balance their own budget. California has not even come close to balancing their own budget and California politicians should clean up their own act before judging others.

I have also not read the Arizona immigration bill yet so i don't have an opinion for that reason. How will Arizona or the United States know where to send anybody who is either not properly identified, or just refuses to divulge where they are "from"?

I suppose if any american refuses to identify themselves when a police officer asks for Identification we might find ourselves in jail, so I guess the same thing would apply in Arizona. It seems to me that one way to defuse the law is for tens of thousands of "illegal" immigrants to turn themselves in, but not divulge what country they are from.

Possibly one stumbling block to this idea is that Arizona sheriff that keeps suspected illegal immigrants in those tents in 115 degree temperatures and perhaps even higher. Probably a violation of international prison guidelines.

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