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Friday, April 23, 2010

Raise my taxes! Protesters call for action to prevent state budget cuts - Metro-east news - bnd.com

It is pointless to call Rush Limbaugh a racist if the democrats are involved in such idiotic protests such as the one above. If Rush Limbaugh is a racist for pointing out the Raise My Taxes protest on his radio show, then thank God that Rush Limbaugh is a racist.

Idiot democratic party demogogues, die! If you look at the article, take a moment to click on the word "RECOMMENDED" to help buzz the article up.

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Dave said...

Why buzz the original article up if I support other methods before raising taxes?

Alessandro Machi said...

This is possibly one of the most embarrassing moments in Illinois politics. It ties right in to HillBuzz saying that in Chicago the workers all believed that Barack Obama was going to give them everything for free.

It also illuminates the possibility of rampant fraud in the 2008 democratic election process as it is pretty obvious these higher tax advocates probably did everything legal and otherwise to make sure Barack Obama was elected, including cheating in the neighboring caucus contests.

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