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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Barack Obama, Lisa Madigan, LifeLock, and Rush Limbaugh, do the dots connect?

LifeLock was recently fined millions of dollars for misleading statements. Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan appears to have been one of the leading attorneys general in the investigation. Lisa Madigan recently visited the White House as well. The company, LifeLock, which was heavily fined, advertises on the Rush Limbaugh show.

What confused me about this situation is LifeLock apparently offers a huge reward if they fail to protect your identity from identity theft. Has LifeLock reneged on this offer because I read no mention of LifeLock not backing up their own guarantee when the fines were announced. What also is disconcerting is there are other identity theft companies bigger than Life Lock that apparently promise a free credit report, yet there are allegations that the report is not free even though they run television ads claiming it is a free credit report.

So, was LifeLock singled out? Was LifeLock singled out because they advertised on the Rush Limbaugh show? I keep seeing a trend where the biggest, too big to fail companies get all of Barack Obama's love, and the rest of us get "trickle downed", or, nowadays, tinkled down.

I am open to hearing other viewpoints, but please address why it's ok to go after a middling company while leaving the bigger ones alone, that is what I find truly disturbing. If this was retribution against Rush Limbaugh, then it just further proves how disgusting Chicago politics really is. I did find this rebuke of LifeLock and it makes a pretty strong case against LifeLock.

You all do know that Illinois moved its 2008 primary date up to by seven weeks so as to impact the democratic primary race in Barack Obama's favor, yet punished Michigan for doing the same thing. You all realize that if Illinois had kept it's date where it was, Hillary Clinton would have had the lead in early February, not Barack Obama, and that would have made all the difference going into the caucus contests.

The democrat party needs a really really big soul enema in the next elections, and Pelosi and Reid need to be discarded. If you are not comfortable voting Republican, DON'T BE AFRAID TO VOTE THIRD PARTY.

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