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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To All the Enlightened ones who Voted for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton because of Hillary Clinton's war voting record...

To All the Enlightened ones who Voted for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton because of Hillary Clinton's war voting record...

When a handful of congress people from both houses of congress chortle that they will vote against Barack Obama's plan for more troops in Afghanistan, KNOWING THAT THEIR VOTE WILL NOT AFFECT THE EXTRA TROOP VOTE OUTCOME, will you be impressed with their no more troops vote this time around the way you were when Barack Obama voted no to the war several years ago?

When politicians who voted against additional troops in Afghanistan then campaign for re-election by bragging about how they voted against funding for additional troops in Afghanistan, will you be impressed the way you were with Barack Obama's no war vote several years ago?

When Barack Obama voted against the Afghanistan war, or was it the Iraq war, or was it both wars that Barack Obama voted against the first time around, (or did he just vote present); explain to me again how those no votes were much, much more of a brave no vote then, then the politicians who will vote no this time around.

Voting NO to stop or end a war or to increase troop size, when that no vote will not change the outcome of the overall vote, can then be manipulated for political gain when it comes time to campaign for re-election.

Al Gore's vote in favor of Desert Storm back in the early 90's was a KEY yes vote the republicans desperately needed for that early 90's war to happen, yet Michael Moore thinks Al Gore is great, and Hillary Clinton not so great, even though Hillary Clinton's war vote was not a difference maker and Al Gore's desert storm vote was a difference maker.

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Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Well said!


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Oh wait... he didn't actually *vote* against the war... did he??

He more like put on a little song and dance in front of some anti-war protesters if I remember correctly...

While Hillary was standing at ground zero with a handfull of her constituent's ashes...

Alessandro Machi said...

From what I understand, Barack Obama polled the constituents from the area he was running for office and a large majority did not want the war.

I can give him kudos for taking the time to poll and then do what his constituents in his district asked he do, but to glorify that into some kind of forward thinking leader is a stretch.

Alessandro Machi said...

Real leadership would have been to poll the members of congress from his own state, and if he found that they too wanted their congress person to not vote for the war, then put pressure on those politicians to also vote against the war.

Now that would show leadership.

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