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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Living Christmas Tree Company, an example of superior green job creation that actually makes sense.

You order a Living Christmas Tree online and the Living Tree is delivered to your home, alive and with a potted based. After Christmas, the still living tree is picked up from your home and returned to where it is kept the other 11 months of the year for reuse the following Christmas season.

The superiority of this concept can be documented in several ways. Even though the living tree service costs more than buying a newly cut tree, the customer AVOIDS the trip to go get the tree. While getting the tree may be half the fun, the drive to and from and attaching the tree to your car may not be so much fun. Plus, WATERING a still living tree during the 3 weeks you have the tree is probably more fun.

The living trees are less prone to starting on fire because they are still alive. The living trees look healthier, because they are alive, not dead. The living trees will not leave a pile of needles all over the place, once again, because the tree is alive and not dead.

On top of that, the whole economic business structure, because it is based on keeping the tree alive, creates a green trail of honest work. Rather than continually growing, cutting, shipping, selling, dying, needles dropping from the Dead Christmas Tree that is then dumped on the curb to be picked up as trash, a Living Tree is simply ordered online, dropped off at your home, then picked up when done.

The company employee then returns the tree to where it is tended to until next Holiday season. The additional employee involvement of having to pick up the tree and then take care of it during the year creates an economically repeating job cycle every year without having to constantly grow more and trees that are prematurely killed.

Eventually, when the living tree gets too big, it can be turned into any number of things rather than simply being put out with the Christmas trash rush. "Retired living trees" don't have to be dealt with during a very short window of time right after Christmas. Rather, the company has the entire off season to devote to how to best reuse a tree that has eventually outgrown its Christmas season usefulness.
The entire living tree process appears to have a higher ratio of wages paid per price charged while not wasting or overusing precious resources. Recycling by reusing is the ideal green solution but one that only certain green economies can utilize. Plastic bottles can't be reused as is when removed from the original user, but a living christmas tree can.
Even though the Living Tree Service appears to be more expensive, it may not actually be more expensive. What price can be put upon the fire hazard a drying dying Christmas Tree creates? Let us not forget the mess of the needles during the entire time the dying tree is up, and then the additional needles that are dropped as the dead Christmas tree is hauled to the curb for pick up, including the ones left on your clothes and your hair.

Is it possibly less healthy being around a dead and drying tree for several weeks compared to an actual living tree? Lets not forget the initial expense, the time and resources needed to go pick up the dead tree and put into or onto your ironically too small green car.

Because the living trees are delivered and picked up in bulk, the lower usage of fuel to deliver and pick up the living trees is easily superior to any other method currently being used for dead trees.

For anyone who likes to have a real tree for Christmas, the idea of using a living tree seems to make so much more sense than a dead tree. I would much rather place a present under a living tree than one purposely killed just for one Christmas.

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