Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SHOWDOWN IN CHICAGO, a United Front Against the Banks, Almost, but not Really.

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When Barack Obama "won" the 2008 democratic primary and the 2008 election, groups as diverse as bankers in suits and the everyday younger tecknogeek dressed up for the celebration.

Showdown in Chicago reminds me of the numerous situation comedy skits where the main character has inadvertently set up two dinner dates at the exact same time and place and tries to prevent each "date" from seeing each other. The main character keeps excusing themselves from one dinner table to go to the other dinner table so they can spend time with their "co-dates".

Usually there are a set of eye glasses involved that have to be put on for one of the dates, but then taken off before approaching the second date. Many many bathroom visits provide the impetus for the double dipping dater to flit from one dining table to the other. Eventually, the main character gets confused and leaves the glassed on for the wrong date and is found out by both dates. Hilarity ensues (oh how ironic the word Hilarity really is.) as both dates find out that they have been two timed.

The main character in our sit com is none other than....Barack Obama! Yep, Bankers are descending upon Chicago from all over the country the final weekend of October 2009 while dozens and dozens of community activist groups, the kind that most likely overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama not only in the 2008 presidential election, but also in the democratic primaries as well, will also descend upon Chicago to protest the bankers. Poor Barack Obama, what is he to do?

Can Barack Obama successfully flit from his date with the bankers to his date with the community activists at the very same time without being noticed?
Does anyone get the serious irony going on here? Maria Shriver starts up a womans group to promote women's run for public office a year after choosing Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. Then Michael Moore releases his movie a year after absolutely spitting on anything and everything HIllary Clinton, the very people who would have supported his movie as strongly as any other group out there.

Now we have activist groups who helped Barack Obama win against Hillary Clinton coming from all over the country to Chicago to protest the bankers, the very same bankers that are Barack Obama's best friends, sit in his inner circle, and are among the people he most admires and is constantly talking on the phone to, and whom may have colluded in some mysterious way to allow tens of millions of dollars in fake credit card campaign donations to freely flow in to Barack Obama's 2008 campaign!

Die Fledermaus anyone? (no I'm not that cultured, but I did videotape several operas years ago after first sleeping at a Holiday Inn). " 'Ha ha Ha', let us get this farce on the road" a famous line from Die Fledermaus as everybody awaits to dance at the ball, each wearing a mask to hide their true identity.

Everybody showing up at the Barack Obama Bankers Ball in Chicago, be they the jilted lovers, or estranged wife, or future mate, will have a ball as they wait to dance with the main man, Barack Obama.

All you community activist ACORN type protestors, if only you had just voted for Hillary Clinton, I am pretty certain she would not have been in the pocket of the bankers to the extent that Barack Obama appears to be. So, knock yourself out this coming weekend in Chicago, protest the banks that are Barack Obama's biggest supporters even as you swoon for a glimpse of the exalted one himself.

Wow, German farcical opera actually coming to life in 2009 in Chicago. All of this could have been avoided if the yoots (aka youths) could have just learned to respect their elders rather than ridicule them for not knowing how an Ipod works.How will you know that the protestors are fervently Barack Obama supporters who still believe in him? You won't see any "Hillary Clinton we are Sorry" signs anywhere when they probably should be considering carving that message into their own flesh.


Alessandro Machi said...

If any of you who are or were Barack Obama supporters and want to soften the blow of the article, please feel free to respond here. You don't have to agree with me to post.

I think what I've written is basically 99% true. If you disagree, tell me.

Anonymous said...

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