Monday, October 12, 2009

Sherrice Iverson was molested and murdered while David Cash stood guard outside of a Las Vegas Casino Restroom, Prosecutors refused to press charges.

In 1997, 7 year old Sherrice Iverson was molested and murdered in a vegas casino public restroom by Jeremy Strohmeyer while his friend David Cash witnessed part of the assault. I never forgot that story because it involved such a young girl in a Vegas Casino bathroom. and because the witness, David Cash, who knew what was happening and did nothing, was never charged with any kind of a crime.

I seem to recall Cash hung out at the doorway of the restroom as a lookout for part of the time, the wikipedia description seems to downplay that aspect of the case although they place David Cash actually in the next stall watching part of the rape and torture before he leaves to go grab a meal.

Why can't Mr. Cash have his day in court now? Why not let David Cash prove in a court of law that his actions did not contribute to the death of Sherrice Iverson? Why did the district attorney pre-decide that David Cash was not guilty?

If the internet had not been in its infancy back then, isn't it a no brainer public outrage would have made it harder to camouflage that Strohmeyer's friend, David Cash, was never charged with a crime? Wikipedia offers a description of what David Cash did and did not do.

What I found troubling about the prosecutors not even attempting to file charges is that the young girl, seeing a second male nearby do nothing while she was being beaten and raped, could quite possibly not have struggled as much knowing that even if she could get away, there was someone else right there to stop her.

We don't know if Strohmeyer could have said, "don't even try and get away, my friend is by the door making sure you don't escape". Just because there was "no good samaritan law" back then does not mean David Cash should not have stood trial.
How can a seven year old mentally process a situation in which she is being abused and sexually assaulted while a SECOND ADULT is acting as if it is no big deal?
The emotional paralysis of knowing that David Cash was nearby and doing nothing to help could have caused Sherrice Iverson to not even bother to scream or try as hard to escape because she knew there was a second adult there to stop her. I believe there are experts who could testify that by David Cash being there, doing nothing, actually weakened Sherrice Iverson's RESOLVE to try and get away.

After David Cash witnessed a portion of the assault on Sherrice Iverson by Jeremy Strohmeyer, he left to go grab a meal. The young girl could have thought David Cash was going to get help. Dave Cash then leaving could have tricked the young girl into thinking she didn't have to escape, just hold on long enough until David Cash returned with help.

Whether these scenarios are provable or not, they are POSSIBLE, and reason enough that David Cash should have had his day in a court of law and let a jury decide.
Since David Cash was never charged back then, could he still be charged now?

For more info, here is one more article.   There is also a "Rip Off Report" about David Cash, which makes sense since he did rip off society by not standing trial.

In case you're wondering why I am bringing this story up now, 12 years later, I actually tried to find this story a couple of years ago but could not remember any of the people's names involved and was not able to find any details about the murder. I recall researching for at least an hour with no luck. For some reason, I found something right away this time.

Additional archival articles can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I remember the story. David Cash should be charged with his part in the murder. The murder took place in a eight minute period and Cash was with Jeremy for a deadly two minutes of that eight minutes. He never went to get anything to eat. He was standing outside the restroom 15 minutes later. David Cash helped kill that little girl and should be in jail.

Alessandro Machi said...

The scam as I see it in not trying David Cash is they are only viewing the evidence from Cash's point of view.

But if Cash's actions deflated Sherrice Iverson in any way from attempting to get away, then he is should have been tried.

There may not have been a good samaritan law back then, but David Cash was no good samaritan, he was a BAD SAMARITAN and you don't need a law to prosecute a bad samaritan.

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