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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jessica Watson, youngest teen to ever attempt to circumnavigate the world on a boat, alone.

CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. Original Image at Marinasguide.

Good Luck Jessica Watson. Jessica is attempting to become the youngest teen to circle the globe, alone, on a boat.

If David Letterman wanted to slightly atone for his various mean and degrading talk of young women that seems to permeate his stand up routines from time to time, he'd do a show from your boat, or at least do update feeds.

Jay Leno, are you paying attention?

My concern about Jessica is not her ability (although apparently she did bump into a huge craft while preparing for her journey), but is her boat the kind of boat one takes around the world? I have to assume yes as she has sponsorship and all kinds of navigation and nautical gear on the boat, but if anyone can fill in more details, I'd like to learn more.

(Edit update, you can follow Jessica's tour around the globe by looking to the right of this column and finding her blog, called "Youngest Round").

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