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Thursday, October 1, 2009

How Come the Confluence or CannonFire never mentions DailyPUMA and other PUMA blogs?

Why do the PUMA blogs that apparently have bigger followings like the confluence and cannonfire ignore some of the other PUMA blogs, never mention them, don't link to them? (although cannonfire does not consider themself a PUMA blog, they most definitely were upset with how Hillary Clinton was treated during the 2008 race).

Why is this a big deal? It's a big deal because to avoid, ignore or simply be unaware of salient topics because DailyPUMA or another PUMA blog may come up with the topic first, just defeats the real potential force of PUMA's.


Anonymous said...

Good question. I get all my Puma, Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton news from Daily Puma headlines. I hope your theory isn't the case, but I'm naive, so maybe you're right. I am so proud of all the pumas for standing strong. Hillary is 44, Hillbuzz, StillHill, PostPartizan, Katalisis, etc. etc. etc. etc.

They do have a long list of puma links, but as far as their posts, most of their links go to the people we hate, like the NYT, etc.

But you're so right about power in numbers.

Alessandro Machi said...

DailyPUMA started right after the 2008 elections, almost 11 months ago.

DailyPUMA is a switchboard operator type of site, and each viewer is their own switchboard operator.

The Power is in the blogs that are listed. However, if some PUMA blogs, or blogs that simply support Hillary Clinton, don't even bother to list DailyPUMA on their own site, what kind of message is that sending?

I understand what the number one answer is, we didn't ask to be on DailyPUMA, so bug off. But eventually, it just seems odd to list other blogs that have taken unfair shots at Hillary Clinton, but not even list DailyPUMA.

Annie said...

it's just odd to not link daily puma. i don't get it at all.

Joseph said...

The answer, in my case, is a bit humiliating. But it is the truth. I thought I HAD linked to this site.

You must understand that I meander through much of my day acting like I've had too much NyQuill.

Alessandro Machi said...

Hi Joseph. To quote sally field, um, better not.

Glad you visited.

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