Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breaking News about Apple Snow Leopard and Canon Power Shot Camera incompatibility issues!

Edit note - Jan. 12, 2010) STILL NOTHING, I AM LIVID! I believe Canon, Costco, and Apple SHOULD ALL BE FINED BY THE CONSUMER PROTECTION AGENCY.

(Edit note - Dec. 02 - 2009) My canon camera contact redirected my latest email asking for a progress report on the Snow Leopard / Canon Camera incompatibility issue and the email as re-directed to someone else at Canon. Usually a bad sign.

I re-contacted my Costco connection and am asking them to consider suspending carrying Canon cameras in ALL Costco Stores until SOMETHING is promised. It just doesn't look good to be selling NEW Cannon Cameras in a costco KNOWING that they WILL NOT WORK with Apple Snow Leopard. I would like to think that Apple has the resources to send a rep or two to Canon to help them get their software to work with the new platform. Is that really asking for too much? IT HAS NOT BEEN OVER THREE MONTHS THAT THIS PROBLEM HAS EXISTED.


While the subject of APPLE's Snow Leopard operating system is somewhat off topic for a PUMA blog, it actually is on topic for me because I have been shut down from finishing my two books and also from uploading new photos to my blogs, simply because I upgraded to Apple's (MAC) Snow Leopard.

While many applaud APPLE new product releases for being either on time or before a deadline, it appears in this instance APPLE has left Canon cameras unprepared for the Snow Leopard operating system.

Apparently, these type of computer incompatibility issues are not a rare occurrence in the computer world in general, but I still consider it a form of consumer fraud, or at the very least, stealing from the consumer when a new product release does not work with an existing product.

I paid for several upgrades to my computer operating system, and my reward is unresolved compatibility issues between my canon camera and Apple Snow Leopard operating system.

Yes, we need a consumer protection financial agency that could either assess, or threaten to assess, a DAILY FINE until these two huge companies newer products work with products that have already been made and purchased by consumers. A daily fine right now might prove to be the motivation both companies need to get their updates done faster.


Having said that, I would like to complement Canon and Costco for responding to my concerns about my Canon PowerShot camera not working with Snow Leopard. They both were pleasant to communicate with and took my situation seriously.
This is the breaking news...yes, this is MY NEWS, I did not get this from some other new source, I got it by working for it and investigating on my own time with my own resources.

Canon is UNOFFICIALLY anticipating a Mid November 2009 to Late November 2009 FREE SOFTWARE UPDATE that will allow their Canon Power Shot cameras to upload onto the Mac Snow Leopard platform so that your Canon Image Browser program will still work.
This tentative mid November to late November 2009 release date is not guaranteed, it is merely meant as a guideline to what is a hoped for release date.

Right now, there is a way to upload your canon camera images directly to i-Photo if you have a Canon PowerShot camera, but for me, this is a huge problem. I like to add text on top of my photos, and I like this process to be SIMPLE. The Canon Image Browser software allows for the easy creation of titles, so I would like to keep my workflow the way I have been using it for the past 18 months.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that by the end of November 2009 our Canon Power Shot cameras will work for the first time with our Snow Leopard operating systems.

One final note, it does appear that some of the newer, perhaps more expensive/professional canon cameras will work with Canon Image Browser on Snow Leopard, but apparently those of us who bought the more consumerish canon cameras are still in a waiting pattern.


Alessandro Machi said...

I got a somewhat discouraging email from canon on Friday. Basically they will get to it when they get to it.

I responded to them and Costco purchasing that it will look bag if people are buying canon cameras at costco that don't work with snow leopard.

That's the truth, no?

Alessandro Machi said...

lol, it will also look "bad".

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