Friday, October 30, 2009

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Baseball fans booing Pedro Martinez, and Keith Olbermann's uncontrollable, lying mouth.

Sometimes we can see the insanity of
television unfolding in front of us. I was
watching CBS News and was genuinely
struck by the piece about Barack Obama
leaving shortly after midnight to
accompany the recently fallen soldiers
fighting in Afghanistan who were being
returned to the United States for burial.
And then right after that video piece, CBS
showed Hillary Clinton confronting the very
people who either lead double or triple
lives of lies in Pakistan (or know people
who do), and she confronted them on
their turf, half way around the world
from her own home.
A short time later, I saw a stadium full of
people, perhaps some of the same people
who went along with the jokes at Hillary
Clinton's expense last year during the 2008
democratic campaign, (probably some of
the same people who don't take women
as seriously as they do men), booing and
yelling in the relatively safe confines of a
stadium as Pedro Martinez left the mound,
and suddenly a huge sea of hypocrisy
unfolded in front of my eyes.

These people who laugh at our politicians
at every opportunity, especially female
politicians, WOULD NEVER be so brave as
to tell it like it is on a foreigner's soil
the way Hillary Clinton did up above.
What Hillary Clinton did was one of
the bravest moments I think I have ever
witnessed coming from a politician,
either male or female.

And then I was reminded of Keith
Olbermann the clown. Olbermann sat
within the confines of a cozy studio
slamming Hillary Clinton and even
demanding she prematurely quit the
democratc race in 2008.

Olbermann then lied on national television
when he denied that he had suggested
Hillary Clinton be put in a room with
others until only one came out.
Olbermann wouldn't have the guts to
do what Hillary Clinton did in Pakistan,
not now, not ever.
After Olbermann secured the doubling of his own salary by taking sides in the 2008 democratic nomination process by slamming Hillary Clinton on many many occasions, Olbermann then slammed the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is a woman who ran a state government in weather cold enough to make Keith's teeth chatter even faster than many of us thought was possible.

Do we see an odd pattern here? Men, in the comfort of a stadium, or a news studio, or as late night television hosts, making fun of women who could run circles around them in what they accomplish on a day to day basis.

Isn't it ironic that the World Series baseball game was on Fox Television while at the same time on the west coast CBS was running two amazing news stories about the war in Afghanistan, yet it is Fox that bashes the present administration on an almost daily basis.

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Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Excellent editorial.

Twittering it now!!

Alessandro Machi said...

The PUMA community definitely needs to clone you.

sandstone said...

Check this video out.

Talk about a girl with style and grace! She performed just the way scores of girls and women do every day ... under pressure with little note.

Yes, Olbermann is a weasel, pond scum, a skunk whose ego is bigger than his ... ah, you know what!

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