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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Did Bill Clinton Do to Hurt You Republicans in the 90's that you STILL CARRY A GRUDGE against the Clintons TODAY, and perhaps FOREVER.

What did Bill Clinton actually do that affected YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE in such a horrible way that it justifies automatically hating both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton for the rest of their lives?

Is the Republican scarlet letter that you proudly hoisted upon Bill Clinton's forehead what you cling to to validate your own less lived life, really the best you got?

Do those republicans who live in Frumpville USA, really judge others? Really?

Are you so sure that if your whole life didn't revolve around social/political events in which adults of both sexes spent weeks planning their wardrobe, hair, make up and perfume, all in an effort to leave a lasting impression on you that one time they get to meet you; that you too would absolutely have remained loyal to all the same values that can so easily be honored in your own private life while strolling around in baggy clothes while unkempt, unwashed, unshaven for days on end?

Can you really name something that Bill Clinton did to you in the 90's that caused you hardship? Before you bring up NAFTA, you do realize that that was done in part to help stem the flow of immigration into the United States by providing some type of economy for Mexicans, in Mexico. And of course, lets not forget that the republicans backed NAFTA as well.

The same republican witch hunting hate machine that tried to grind Bill Clinton's presidency to a halt in its first two years, were at it again in his final two years as president. Are you willing to admit that it was pure Republican hatred and jealousy that froze President Clinton from accomplishing more in his final two years in office. Are you proud that your Republican leaders felt it was more important to attack Bill Clinton on personal matters rather than focus on more important issues related to security and terrorism? You do recall that anytime President Clinton tried to focus on important issues, republican politicians accused him of trying to take focus away from their witch hunt of Bill Clinton.

As president, Bill Clinton was willing to use the best idealogy from both sides of the political landscape, and his reward from the republican side was "How Dare You STEAL our ideas and take credit for them". Even the democratic side was initially upset when there was the inevitable loss of senate seats after Mr. Clinton's first two years in office.

I'm now a believer that the politicians that draw anger from both sides of the political spectrum are probably those who hold the interests and well being of america on par with their own.

I am sick and tired of republicans thinking it is OK and par for the course to simply hate the Clintons forever, without even knowing why, or to hate the Clintons without being able to name one thing that Bill Clinton did to them personally in the 90's that requires the Clintons be lambasted for life.

Bill Clinton doesn't need your forgiveness, if anything, you should be asking Bill Clinton to forgive you for your ongoing hatred against a family that brought some sense of stability to the 90's, and did nothing to you personally that deserves a life long grudge in return.

As for Hillary Clinton, when you see all the snarky media males gang up on her, just because, take a moment and fight for her, it's what an OBOT does when Barack Obama comes under fire.

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Linda said...

Let me preface this by saying that I'm a republican. That being said, I admire Hillary and admire what she has accomplished. I don't hate, and my friends don't hate, the Clintons. Hillary is her own gal, and does her own thing, without Bill. Let her stand on her own two feet; she can, and be successful. I interpreted the Congo situation as; don't ask me about Bill, ask about my take on things. And that's the way it should be. I support Hillary and I wish her well and hope to see her continue in the political arena. She's a survivor and I like her alot.

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