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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Literal Video, Pure YouTube Genius.

I wonder what the next step is for this
youtube genius. Double click on the
video to go to dascottjr youtube home
page for other hilarious literal video gems.

Upon Further review, the youtube
filmmaker above CREDITS DUSTO

However, not all of Dusto McNeato's
videos are actually literal video.
I have asked Mr. McNeato to separate
his videos into more understandable
categories since the literal videos
are so funny.

Sloppy reporting by the late night
news for not giving out proper

(edit update), what confused the
issue is that some of McNeato's
literal videos were taken down
by youtube after music company
reps complained about the
lampooning of their music.

So the very video he spoke of
as having a couple million hits
was no longer on youtube.

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