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Friday, August 7, 2009

Is this YouTube Video Really Berlusconi Behaving Badly? Burlesqueconi, BurLustconi, yeesh.

Does Belusconi get to keep his job if this is really Berlusconi Behaving Badly? It's not just that he did this, it's that the other person never even saw him coming.

Edit update - I just discovered that this video is from around the middle of February, 2008, lol, so I guess he gets to keep his job. I wonder if the 2008 US democratic race overshadowed this story.

So I guess the lesson is, if your going to do something stupid in public, do it when the US is front and center with their Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton drama going on.

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1 comment:

Alessandro Machi said...

Wow, this topic was posted a year and a half ago and it apparently was ahead of its time as Berlosconi behavior has gone down the dumper at an increasing rate.

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