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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You are reading an article located at DailyPUMA.com dated August 25, 2009.

(Edit Note, if you are concerned Chase Bank will use your sending your payment to corporate as an excuse to mark you late, you can focus your attention on the COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY INSTEAD. They are receiving comments on the credit card reform bill act until around September 21, 2009. The Comptroller of the Currency phone number is 202-874-5750.)

Edit note number - 3, I discovered another option for trying to deal with Chase Bank that is probably better than the article below. It involves the Chase Bank Balance Liquidation Program.

I am asking Chase Bank customers who want to show their solidarity against Chase Bank and an executive board that;
accepts bailout money from the government, receives federal reserve money at zero percent interest, is building new corporate jet hangars at a cost of over a hundred million dollars, is stagnating customer service jobs at home while expanding customer service jobs halfway around world, has cut home equity lines to well below fair market value, has cut credit card lines on people in the middle of their vacation, that data profiles its own customers to an extreme we are probably not aware of, that manipulates the stock market value of their own company so they can make more money on expiring Chase bank stock options, that raises interest rates on all of their credit cards and then gleefully announces that credit card defaults are up, and that has raised the monthly minimum credit card payment on low interest loans of customers who have never been late with their payments from 300 dollars to 750 dollars....
....I am asking that you, Chase Bank credit card customers, help protest Chase Bank by SENDING YOUR CREDIT CARD PAYMENT DIRECTLY TO THE CHASE BANK CORPORATE OFFICE.
Make these Chase Bank executives EARN THEIR BLOATED PAY AND OBSCENE BONUSES, make them SEE your payments.
Let the Chase bank executive officers and their personnel actually SEE the payment envelope that contains your sweat and stress payment inside. Oh, the INDIGINITY that will bring to the Chase Bank Corporate Offices, to actually have to see the payment envelopes of the customer minions they stomp on with their arrogant attitudes and actions.
Chase Bank seems so aloof about their actions now that their best buddy Barack Obama is in the white house, lets make the executive offices see your payment as a way for you to support your fellow citizen who is being unfairly afflicted by Chase Bank methods and actions.
Remember, the Chase Bank customers who are having their monthly payments raised from 300 dollars to 750 dollars as you read this are the people who WANT TO PAY DOWN THEIR DEBTS, WERE NEVER LATE WITH THEIR PRIOR CHASE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS, AND, WERE ALREADY PAYING DOWN THEIR CHASE BANK CREDIT CARD DEBT EVERY MONTH!
Increasing credit card payments requirements is not a bad idea, but changing terms on people after an agreement is already in place and forcing customers to accept the change without the right to simply opt out of the BANK INITIATED CHANGE IN TERMS in my opinion is reprehensible.

Defaulting or raising the monthly minimum credit card account if a customer cannot make the bigger payment amount is nothing more than a debtors prison of indentured servitude created by a banking system that has recently been bailed out by consumer tax money!

I can vouch for the Chase Bank mailing address below as it came from written correspondence I received directly from Chase Bank.
PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE THE PRIVILEGE of the phone information by yelling at the people who pick up the phone on the other end. ONLY USE THE PHONE NUMBERS TO VERIFY that Chase Bank received your payment.
BE POLITE! Yes, be polite when calling to verify that Chase Bank received your payment. Politeness will actually freak them out more than if you yell at them. Chase bank will then see that we are a united front, from the polite way we call to verify that our payment was received.
Wait 5 working days from when you mail the payment BEFORE CALLING to then verify that Chase bank corporate office got your payment. I would suggest mailing your payment in REAL EARLY, at least 10 working days ahead of the due date.
BE CAREFUL of a fraudulent attempt to reproduce this article and paste it elsewhere on the internet by someone who may then change the address to a different one that I am providing below! Link those interested directly to this article located at dailypuma.com if possible.

Usually you can google an address to verify that the address is valid. So please feel free to google the mailing address I am providing below to verify that it is an actual valid Chase Bank corporate office address and you should probably call them as well.

However, I no longer think this is the way to go. Chase Bank can harm a million people, even cause them to lose their homes, and the news media doesn't report about it. At the very least, get the best deal possible by learning about the Chase Bank Balance Liquidation Program.

I would also suggest snapping a digital still image of your payment envelope (with the stamp already on it), just before you mail the envelope as proof that you mailed the payment to Chase Bank corporate offices.

Chase Card Services Executive Office
2500 Westfield Drive
Elgin, IL 60124
Attn: Becky Dietz

FAX 1-847-488-6740
Toll Free 1-888-622-7547 Ext. 6751
Attn: Becky Dietz or Nancy Stoneman
Better to dump our "tea party protest payment" in the laps of Chase Bank executive offices so they can see we are upset, no?

Hmmm, maybe we should mail our payments into the white house, in care of Barack Obama. According to a New York Times article, Jamie Dimon is Barack Obama's favorite Wall Street Banker, maybe Mr. Obama can hand the checks over directly to Jamie Dimon next time they pal around together.

HOW YOU CAN HELP! MAKE A DAILY-PROTEST.com sign and put it where others will see it. Daily-Protest.com signs can be placed in a storefront window, a bulletin board at work, or a countertop. Raise curiosity and awareness about how Chase Bank is harming a LOT of of their BEST customers by making a Daily-Protest.com sign.


bigmuny said...

I financed a car through Chase Bank in 2008 for my daughter, she was unable to pay and it fell to me since I was the one who took out the loan. My wife was laid off of her job and money became tight so I had to self reposses the car. In 2006 my 82 yr old elderly mother put me on her personal bank account because she was undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation treatment. She put me there only for one reason only and that was to withdraw money in case she needed it. She had originally opened her account years ago with my deceased father when it was Bank One then Bank One became Chase.
Chase sold the car at auction but leaving me to owe $6500. They called me for payment and I told them there was no way to pay that amount but if they would arrange small monthly payments until such time as I could get the money I would gladly pay. They made me an offer at a lower amount but again I could not pay that all at one time. A month later they found I was on my mother's account and took all of her personal savings out of her account. I called the Manager a Matthew DeFrance of the Chase National Auto Recovery Group in Phoenix, Arizona where they are located and told him that was my mothers account he had taken money from and that I was only a representative to her account and not an active participant in any daily activities. He said he knew but didn't care and was keeping the money even after I begged him saying this was my mothers money she uses to pay for her medication and doctor bills that her insurance did not cover, still no luck.
I found out what Right of Set-Off means and if one has an account at a bank that they are indebted to then the bank can setoff the funds in the account to pay the debt. But on a joint account like this the bank has rules and regulations and does not have the right of setoff if the debt is created under a consumer credit card plan OR "your (my) right to withdraw funds from the Account arises only in a representative capacity." Chase Bank clearly violated banking Rules and Regulations.
It can be shown that I did not open the account and that my mother and father opened the account years ago. I can show where I did not access the account at any time by making withdrawals or deposits or writing checks or any activity whatsoever but was only my mothers representative in case she was unable to gain access on her own..in other words in a coma, hooked up to machines or whatever, but my involvement was only as a representative. I can show where I was added to the account years after it was opened for only one purpose.
In Chase Bank's Account Rules and Regulations page 17 under SET-OFF, specifically states setoff does not apply in a joint account if one of the joint account owner's only right is to withdraw funds in a representative capacity.
My mother has been suffered severly because of this. As an 82 year old elderly womans whole savings has been taken from her because of a vengeful immoral and unethical employee Matthew DeFrance knowingly and intentionally with callous disregard for the safety and welfare of a known elderly woman did with malicious intent steal and rob from her savings account all the monies in the account. Money that was used to help maintain her ongoing medical treatment and medication she now no longer has, plus her physical and mental health has seriously declined as she has been gripped by fear of the unknown as to how she will pay for her medication, doctors, and other bills.
I fear her life has been shortened by this profound inordinate amount of stress that has been placed on my elderly mother's life. As I look into her feeble weary eyes staring blankly with uncertainty about her future as all elderly people do, even as I try to reassure her, she still doesn't understand the how or why they could do such a thing and my explanation falls on an uncertain understanding.

Alessandro Machi said...

I would like to call them on your behalf and find out what is going on. I am starting to get other complaints about Chase Bank as well.

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