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Monday, May 25, 2009

PROJECT WONDERFUL, a creative way to advertise on other PUMA blogs while keeping the income within the PUMA community.


I would just like to add that I stumbled upon Project Wonderful because I do daily research on several topics and just happened to notice this interesting way of advertising. I don't know the creators or owners of Project Wonderful, nor was I solicited in any way. 

...If someone outbids me I lose my ad spot and either rebid or just let it go. I had to register and then add funds to my Project Wonderful account via PAYPAL before I could start bidding. I started my Project Wonderful account with 11 dollars.

I think one can just be a "publisher" and accept ads from other sources without having to be an advertiser.  However, what goes around comes around. If PUMA blogs decide to sign up, then it becomes a way to circulate advertising dollars within the PUMA community. If anybody has any concerns please leave a comment. So far I think Project Wonderful is a great idea based on what I know about it.
(Below is the original article when I had just learned of Project Wonderful)
I may have stumbled upon a method of internet advertising that may give the blog owner control over ad content while letting the advertiser know exactly where their ad will appear on the blog or website.

An example of what can happen when the blog owner's approval for an advertisement is not necessary would be the placement of an advertisement promoting a politician next to an article voicing displeasure over that same politicians policy.

Even when some blogs offer ad space for sale, the ad does not necessarily end up where the advertiser wants it.  Apparently "targeted ads" still only get randomly placed within the desired website, but not specifically where the advertiser wants the ad to appear, at least that is how it work last summer when I inquired.

In my opinion, the ideal scenario for both blog owner and advertiser alike is to have an open space available on the blog, and anybody can bid on that space. Highest bidder gets the space until they are outbid. The bidder controls the highest they will bid, and the total amount they are willing to pay for the life of the ad. 

If the blog owner disapproves of the ad, I presume there is a mechanism to discontinue the ad, even if it means discontinuing the auction entirely.  In essence, both sides get exactly what they require before consummating the deal.

Enter Project Wonderful. It appears Project Wonderful meets my criteria for the kind of advertising that allows the blog owner control over the content of advertisements on their website, and the advertiser the exact placement of the ad.  The wildcard to this scenario is that the advertiser can be "outbid" for the space and then either lose the spot or have to rebid a higher amount to retain the spot. 

I don't mind the bidding aspect because that should mean the ad eventually reaches its level of "worth", but before reaching that level of worth, the ad space may just prove an excellent value to those who advertise there first.

I just discovered Project Wonderful and have not had a chance to try it out yet, but I LOVE the concept and wanted to share it with any PUMA blog Owner that wants more control over the content of advertisement that appears on their blog.

Part of the way those in power stay in power is to only frequent and publicize each others websites. Project Wonderful might be a way to support other PUMA blogs with advertising dollars while helping your own blog grow as well. The starting auction prices appear to be so low that we can probably all afford to advertise on at least one other PUMA blog.

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