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Friday, May 22, 2009

Even Arianna Huffington thinks the Credit Card Companies are out of control.

Click here to read Arianna Huffington's piece about how The Credit Card Industry is doing more harm than good right now.

However, when Arianna Huffington states, 
The Senate overwhelming approved legislation reining in some of the most egregious practices of credit card companies...Huffington couldn't more wrong. 
The Credit Card Bill is a watered down version of what it should have been. In the near future I'll post a link to a guest column I have written for another blog in which I highlight TEN THINGS THE CREDIT CARD REFORM BILL DID NOT address, but should have.


Anonymous said...

I find it amusing that she mentions how Obama should broadcast his message to chemical companies, etc...considering how he screwed his Ill constituents after Exelon had a radiation leak and didn't feel the need to let anybody know. He promised them legislation and he gave it to them......but he changed the legislation at the last minute to make reporting of radiation leaks "voluntary". Back to square one. of course that 200k Frank Clark, Board member of Exelon, bundled for him probably didn't have a thing to do with this....

Ariana is right about one thing. He's masterful. He's the master of deceit and manipulation.

Alessandro Machi said...

Huffington points out a part of Barack Obama's speech that is very eloquent and heartfelt,..."Too many of us view life only through the lens of immediate self-interest and crass materialism; in which the world is necessarily a zero-sum game. The strong too often dominate the weak, and too many of those with wealth and power find all manner of justification for their own privilege in the face of poverty and injustice."...

but then Huffington fails to mention how watered down the credit card bill that actually passed really is.

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